An Easter Invitation–If You Dare!

Came across this poem on Easter morning written, I am told, by Ann Weems. She really seems to be onto something here. Unfortunately, at least on the surface, she seems to claw too closely to the quick of our modern-fare, temperamental, stained-glass, comfort-driven, religiosity…

Come to the Easter Party

I think on Easter morning we should throw confetti in church!
What about a little fanfare? A deafening drum roll?
A three minute standing ovation?
What? Have we had the drums beaten out of us,
that we in the celebrative community can’t really
Get excited
About God’s aliveness
About God’s love given to us unconditionally?
Have we given Easter to the lily bearers, the bunny rabbits,
the patent leather shoes?
Let’s face it: We live as though we don’t believe in Easter.

We’re the crowd- easily swayed, easily scared,
easily calling for blood.
We’re the good church people
who can’t believe Jesus meant love one another-
Not all the one anothers, not drug addicts and criminals.
We hate injustice when it’s injustice towards us.
We love mercy when it’s mercy for us.
We walk humbly with our God when it’s convenient.
We’re babe believers who resist the resurrection;
We’re Christmas Christians who are very good at
celebrating Christ’s birth. We can cling to the babe.
We’re even Crucifixion Christians, agonizing, sympathizing,
relating to the hero on the cross.
We can rock a baby; we can weep for a Dead Man;
But what can we do with a 33-year old who won’t let the story end?

Easter scares us
because we’re the people who can’t believe that God gives us abundant life.
We think we have to earn it.
In our pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps society
It’s hard to remember that God doesn’t buy the self-made person.
So we in the church spend our lives showing God
What good people we are,
What achievers we are,
How much we deserve God’s love.
We want to pay our own way but Easter says it’s already been paid!!

Easter says, no matter how prodigal, we can go home again!!
So come to the Easter party!!
Let’s celebrate the amazing grace that in Christ’s resurrection
We are still loved even at our most outrageous.
The Lord has given us the music, all we need to do is dance!
Come to the Easter party!!

© Ann Weems in “Reaching For Rainbows”


5 thoughts on “An Easter Invitation–If You Dare!

  1. Melanie Stapler says:

    Thank you for writing this! Our Lord has been imprinting the same message in/on my heart over the past several months. Your invitation is confirmation that I needed to read! God bless you!


  2. Debora Sampson says:

    “Easter scares us//because we’re the people who can’t believe that God gives us abundant life.//We think we have to earn it.”

    Thank you for the poem Pastor— words are so interesting. God’s abundant life only comes through our obedience, through His grace and love, to His Way in this life. Our discipline to waking to His Words, living His way here by faith not by sight is “earning it,” proving it. Yes, God is the giver of abundant life, but not without having earned the right to that inheritance.


  3. Terri Bracy says:

    This poem was written (and copywrited) by Ann Weems and can be found in her book Reaching For Rainbows.


  4. pasturescott says:

    Thanks, Terri…I’m taking your word for it and adjusted the post accordingly.


  5. […] An Easter Invitation–If You Dare! […]


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