The Devil and the DaVinci Code–Part Three

870715B_lg1.jpgYou may be wondering: why are the Mona Lisa's eyes peering at me from the cover of the Davinci Code–a book that is mostly known for its references to Leonardo's The Last SupperAm I missing something?  Was the taciturn Mona somewhere at that supper too?  No on both counts.  Mona was also a work of the prolific painter and, just as he is thought to have done in The Last Supper, Leonardo purportedly did in his mega-famous oil-on-poplar work too: he embedded certain codes that suggested his worldview.  As Grand-Master of the Priory of Sion, Leo (for short) knew some pretty radical things that, were the truth ever disclosed, would shift the rotation of the earth.

What's with the knowing half-smile?                                                           

As you already know, The Last Supper ostensibly contains some clues as to the great Cosmic Secret: Jesus was not the Son of God, nobody's Savior, never rose from the dead and had a marriage thing going on with Mary.  And Leo got his inspiration, along with other enlightened beings, from a few extant passages in the Gnostic gospels.  Among his disciples, Jesus loved Mary best, married her and papal bulled her as the leader of the church.

Which brings us to Mona.  Dan Brown hedges nothing in his quest to parade his own worldview mona_large.jpgwhich includes the sacred feminine.  Mona (meaning 'Lady' in Italian, thus 'Lady Lisa') is thought to be Leo's subtle attempt at androgyny.  She has the features of both male and female and her smile is almost identical to the smile he pasted on the face of John the Baptist in his painting of that same title.  The 'code' in the slyly smiling face of Mona Lisa is that she knows the power of the feminine mystique.  She guards the secret that once upon a time the world was nurtured by a matriarchal paganism and is relishing the day when it returns.

It was Constantine and the leaders of the fledgling Christian church, Brown reasons vicariously through his literary character Teabing, who tried to break the back of the sacred feminine by reversing the cosmic order and putting power in the hands of incapable masculinity.  As further illustration of man's power grab, in The Last Supper, while we see Jesus and 'Mary Magdalene' wearing cute matching outfits, we see Peter threatening the fair maiden with a knife!

Goddess worship (to which Brown gives his exuberant consent) is the bedrock of the novel.  Supposedly, Genesis pilfered the truth of ancient paganism and gave Christianity its fuel to turn religion from its sacred feminine roots into a male-dominated heresy.  "The concept of woman as life-bringer was the foundation of ancient religion.  Childbirth was mystical and powerful.  Sadly, Christian philosophy decided to embezzle the female's creative power by ignoring biological truth and making Man the Creator.  Genesis tells us that Woman was created from Man's rib.  Woman became an offshoot of Man.  And a sinful one at that.  Genesis was the beginning of the end for the goddess." (The DaVinci Code, p. 236)  

God must be ticked at the blatant bigotry of the church!  Why, from ancient times, He and His female co-equal, Shekinah, ordained that worship of the Divine is to be done through sexual union, that sex was the divine spark by which we achieve sainthood and the more sex the better!  The ancients even went to temples to copulate with His priestesses (goddesses) and by so doing reached divine fulfillment.  But the church comes along and changes all that!  "Sex is bad, of the devil, and dirty."  Oh, how this grieves God, er, Goddess!  Jesus and Mary worshipped the Divine by entering into the "marriage way" thus sparking Sarah, their love-child.  Not to be left out, Langdon and Sophie also worshipped at the altar of the divine feminine.

Had enough?  I like what Erwin Lutzer (The DaVinci Deception) says about all of Brown's fancy wordplay and verbal histrionics.  He says let's call Dan Brown's bluff and ask him to produce all these so-called ancient documents that bear these things out.  The Gospel of Phillip (which allegedly gives the evidence of the Jesus/Magdalene union) nowhere tells of such a thing!    

Mona and Mary.  Shekinah and Sarah.  Teabing and Brown.  Sophie and Langdon.  Hanks and Howard.  No, forget about all that.  The one with the axe to grind is the pitifully defeated satan, who sullenly hopes for a re-match with the Son of God.  Fat chance.  The bell is tolling for him and he has an appointment which he is unquestionably meant to keep.

"And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire…"

(Revelation 20:10) 


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