With Apologies to Mark Richt…

Please forgive me, Mr. Richt.

Sandy dressed me this morning. And that is why I am sitting in this coffee shop with my chin down on my clavicle. You see, she bought me a turtleneck shirt last year and for the past twelve months it has hung untouched in my closet ever since. Not because I dislike turtlenecks. Au contraire. There is just something very evil and awkward about this particular shirt.

It has the logo of a Georgia Tech yellow jacket on the neck.

I know, I know. I was horrified too, but through prayer, running to the quiet place of safety and patronizing a Starbuck’s far from my community, I have made it through these hours. Barely. So far, so good, though. I have not had to endure any barroom-fight stares or pitiful looks. I feel like a traitor but I ask you: should I have been disobedient to my wife who laid the shirt out for me or loyal todead-yellowjacket.jpg the school up the interstate? (hint: goooooooo dawgs! woof! woof! woof!) Yeah, that’s the dilemma. I had to think for quite awhile on that. Yes, it is true that the followers of Jesus are far more authentic and devoted than those among the “fighting engineers” (who do they fight anyway?) but I gave in. Please don’t hate me.

Jesus is with me (I think), and I will live to fight another day. Meanwhile, if there are any GT alums out there needing a shirt with your school colors and “fierce” yellow jacket on it (why would you? They’re everywhere: clearance racks, thrift stores, etc.), I have one, slightly used, and cheap. Real cheap.

Pray for me. I am heading out the door now. I truly hope you hear from me again.

(Go Dawgs.)


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