The Room

Wanted to share this video with you today. It’s called “The Room” and you’ve probably read it in many forwarded emails the past few years. It is based on a dream of Josh Harris’ (“I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and “Stop Dating The Church”) that he had when he was 19 and in Puerto Rico for a Billy Graham crusade. It illustrates, as he says in the introduction, just how it is that Christ removes our sins. You can read some more interesting stuff about it on his website here.  I recommend the “authorship controversy” link he includes.


2 thoughts on “The Room

  1. Joel says:

    How can I share this video through my emails to my friends and family?

    I would love them all to see it.

    Perfect analogy for all of us.

    Thank God for the Blood of Jesus and thank you for sharing it with me


  2. pasturescott says:


    So glad you were blessed here today. Please come back when you can. As for sending the link of this video to your friends and fam, just copy and paste this link to your emails:

    That should do it for you!



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