It Must Be Armageddon

I found this on Wittenburg Door’s website. And, in the interest of public decency I will not be posting ANY accompanying photos…

By Steven Scheer

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. restaurant chain Hooters, known for waitresses in low-cut blouses and short skirts, will open its first branch in Israel this summer, in the Mediterranean seaside city of Tel Aviv.

“I strongly believe that the Hooters concept is something that Israelis are looking for,” Ofer Ahiraz, who bought the Hooters franchise for Israel, told Reuters Monday. “Hooters can suit the Israeli entertainment culture.”

At Hooters, waitresses the company calls Hooters Girls serve spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood and drinks.

Ahiraz said a specific location in Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city, had yet to be chosen, but he said it would not open restaurants near large religious populations, and they would not be kosher.

He said his plan was to open as many as five Hooters restaurants in the next few years, including one in the southern resort city of Eilat.

The Tel Aviv version of Hooters is expected to mimic most of the chain’s other 430 restaurants in the United States and in 23 countries including China, Switzerland, Australia and Brazil.

Ahiraz said, however, he expected some minor modifications to meet Israeli tastes since U.S. chains have had a mixed response in Israel. Food chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Hard Rock Cafe failed, Kentucky Fried Chicken closed many locations, while others such as Burger King and McDonalds have thrived by altering their offerings to suit the Israeli market.

“It shows that if you are flexible and listen to your customers you can be a success story,” Ahiraz said.

The opening of Hooters in Israel is part of the chain’s global expansion. Privately held Hooters said it planned to open 17 restaurants in Colombia, Dubai, Guam, New Zealand and India in the next two years.

“International expansion is a major focus for our company, and we are very excited to add Israel to our family,” John Weber, executive vice president of franchise operations for Hooters of America, said in a statement.

© Reuters 2007. All Rights Reserved.

Okay, just one picture…


I warned you…


6 thoughts on “It Must Be Armageddon

  1. peter says:


    this is a pretty sad day. its sad that we are exporting our debauchery to other nations.



  2. pasturescott says:

    Yes, indeedy, Petey!

    Add this to our stockpile of global shame…


  3. Tina says:

    i can’t believe a Hooters restaurant would go over in that culture…and where, exactly, would you put the restaurant where it wouldn’t be near “large religious populations” of either Jews, Christians or Muslims? Crazy! I happen to live within half a mile of a Hooters…it is the landmark that I give people for my exit off the highway. I’ve never been there, but every person from my church (about 15 miles away from where I live) knows EXACTLY where it is located…I’ve always found that somewhat conspicuous…and, an 86 year old lady from my church told me that Hooters has “the best fish sandwhiches”. I didn’t probe further into that conversation!

    I guess we would rather pass on our debauchery to the world than just keep it to ourselves.

    I like the picture, though! That rocks!!!


  4. pasturescott says:

    Pastor Tina, the landmark we use down here is either the Wal-Mart or the ‘Big Chicken’. Guess you live in Sodom and we must be the New Jerusalem…(NOT!)…glad you were taken by the picture, though. That was me just before heading out to the beach…


  5. Jen says:

    Wow….that is crazy. It is so sad. America used to be a Godly influence, now it’s just like what the Muslims say…”infidel!” I look at the state of the church and it’s no wonder why they call us that! 😥


  6. pasturescott says:

    Jen, you read my own thoughts exactly (scary for you)…but, in Christ, we will give them every reason to think otherwise!



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