Things I…

Things I am wrestling with:

  • giving away credit for things I want credit for
  • leaving “putting difficult people in their place” to God and loving them with all my heart anyway
  • laying my life down for the brethren

Things I am blessed by:

  • People who seek me out just to spend time with me; it’s even better when it’s minus a task list, no agenda, just two guys sitting down over a great cup of Starbuck’s peppermint coffee (yes, peppermint), fomenting and sealing a lifelong camaraderie
  • children who are never too old to get a hug from their “Pasture”
  • The stirrings I am sensing signaling that the Bride is coming forth in the earth; she is making herself ready for her Bridegroom

Things I better get a handle on:

  • Carpe diem, as there is so little time left to waste
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom, which is the Gospel of the reign of Christ, and which distinguishes the professing Church from the “possessing” Church
  • The Truth that “the church can’t rise until she dies.”

Things I want more than anything right now:


6 thoughts on “Things I…

  1. KaKa says:

    Peppermint, who would have thought…..


  2. marie says:

    O LORD, I am asking for Pastor Scott that You grant him the desires of his heart. Make his family so united that nothing – no evil – can break through and disrupt the one-ness. LORD, I ask that you give them an extra portion of Your peace. Scott and Sandy’s lives have been broken and poured out for you – the essence of which has blessed and encouraged and prodded so many on to greater heights in Christ.
    LORD, help Scott, Sandy, and Graham “to turn their face toward Jeruselam” and not look back as they all take the narrow road out to You.
    And LORD, let the “difficult people” get it that life is not about them. Write Your word on our hearts that it was for Your sake that Your Son died and rose again for this obstinate people. You created us for Your own glory that Your Son’s radiance would be reflected through us to a world that longs to know that You love them and desire communion with them. Let us all live for Your sake and not our own.
    Now, LORD, I speak blessing over the Mitchells. Abundant, overflowing blessing. Let today be the day You take Scott, and Sandy, and Graham by surprise and give rest to their souls and flood their spirits with the overwhelming presence of God.
    In the strong name of Jesus who never fails, who is All Powerful, All Knowing, Faithful and True – AMEN!


  3. pasturescott says:

    Try it KaKa, it’s like “Christmas” every day!


  4. pasturescott says:

    Marie, I gratefully (and humbly) receive this spirit-deep prayer. He knows what He must do in me to make me ready, and I am asking for Him to redeem the ‘difficult’ out of me, that I, as you put it, may have the Son’s radiance shine out unimpeded. God’s Hand of favor be upon you today, Marie. Many thanks.


  5. […] Scott” (his “about me” page explains the name). My favorite post so far is called Things I…. A short, sweet, great […]


  6. Byron says:

    Hey, dude, the peppermint coffee is on me; give me a buzz, and I’m there doing that thing with you!


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