She Fought Back

She goes by “Sue” publicly now and her story is straight out of a horror flick, only it wasn’t scripted or produced in Hollywood. Some time ago this woman and her seven year old daughter were in their home in the evening, she was cleaning the kitchen and her little girl was playing games on the computer. Suddenly a man in a ski mask and brandishing a gun burst into their home with only evil on his mind.

The horrific events that unfolded are too gruesome to tell but the PG-13 version is that he brutalized and raped the mother. After raping her he held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. Remarkably and clearly by the grace and providence of God, the gun jammed. When he was finished he told the woman to call for her daughter as he wanted to “have his way” with her too.

This is the point her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive and she boldly refused. Somehow she escaped his clutches and ran into the kitchen where she retrieved a butcher knife and for the next thirty minutes, she fought her attacker with every fiber of her being, all for the sake of her daughter. Sue was stabbed 25 times and as her attacker fell on her to deliver the final, fatal blow, she began praying. The man mocked her, saying, “Where is your God now?” She replied, “He’s right here” and suddenly something lifted the man off of her, an invisible force, and when he lifted, the knife was in her hands and held straight up. The attacker came back down on her but the knife went straight into him and he died.

It’s the only time in the history of this metro Atlanta county where an attacker was killed by his female victim. Sadly, the little girl witnessed most of the attack. You can visit Sue’s website and read more about her terrifying experience and of the Hand of God who delivered her and her daughter.

Tonight I was driving home and listened to her story on a local radio station. While she was being interviewed, someone visited the studio and presented her with an amazing gift. The visitor was an Army Ranger who had fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq and had been wounded and subsequently been awarded two bronze stars for his bravery and sacrifice. He had heard her story and wanted to be there when it was aired so that he could present Sue with one of his bronze stars. It was a truly moving and memorable segment and left this listener gasping and praising almighty God for His sovereign watchcare over this mother and child in their hour of desperation.

NOTE: on her website is a button for contributions and the website will explain Sue and her daughter’s present need.  I have given to the cause and encourage all my readers to do the same. 


2 thoughts on “She Fought Back

  1. He is faithful. Always faithful. The beauty of Romans 8:28 is that no matter what comes our way, God reserves the right and authority over the life of his child to turn it for our blessing and his glory. Thank you for this post.




  2. pasturescott says:

    Sherri, you have spoken Truth. My thanks to you for your visit, for commenting with an encouragement every believer needs to own, and for sharing your life through your blog as well (which is quite good, I might add–what a beautiful family!).

    Living the miracle with you,


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