Manna and Mammon

bou-lim-i-a [boo-lim-ee-uh, –lee-mee-uh, buh] a serious eating disorder, characterized by compulsive overeating usually followed by self-induced vomiting or laxative or diuretic abuse, and is often accompanied by guilt and depression

Fallen, fallen, fallen
Is Babylon
Fallen, fallen, fallen
Is the City of Doom
The queen of every dark desire
Fallen by famine, plague and fire
Fallen is Babylon
Fallen is the City of Doom!
Michael Card, City of Doom


We christians are something. We binge and purge our way through the world like a bunch of spiritual boulimics, pining for and dining on Egypt. Trouble is, Spirit doesn’t mix with Egypt and sonship and onions make a lethal cocktail. Mixing leeks and manna sours the stomach and fouls the breath, yet we say it is the way to stay relevant; so we pull up our chairs at the pub, get tipsy on Nile water, not as drunk as the pagan in the next stool mind you, but tipsy enough to coherently give ’em the Romans Road in a bar ditty.

How ironic that we fight for things like blended worship to make everyone happy when there is a much more pathological issue of blended worship going on among those who name the name of Christ: Jesus said it was like trying to serve both “God and mammon” (you say mammon is money but it is really anything that steals our devotion from the Lord and thus opposes Christ). Light and dark. Egypt and the Promised Land. The broad road and the narrow road. Babylon and Zion. Manna and mammon.

Sadly, too many of us swallow Egyptian food then regurgitate it because, while we may like its taste, we don’t want the curse that goes along with it. Quoting from a friend, we’re “buying real estate on the Nile River” instead of packing our bags for the wilderness. We choke down leeks and onions along with our Passover Lamb even though the Death Angel is just down the street.

Let me tell you where all this ranting is coming from. It is on me. Me, I tell you! Although I am a saved man I confess I still dabble in Babylon. The other morning when I should have given the earliest hours to the Lord, it was more important to me to see to some other tasks and the Lord called me on it. And while we’re on the subject, Scott, he added, what’s the deal with you watching that stuff on TV last night? Do you enjoy sitting through a movie that curses My name?

I immediately fell into repentance and confessed to My Master that I can be such an ‘Egyptophile’. I said, Lord, the man You saved does not want or need the bells and whistles, comforts and conveniences, luxuries and bounty of this world. The man You saved wants YOU! He wants YOU at the loss of all other things this world has to offer. Babylon is fallen! Fallen! Why in heaven’s name would I want a world that has a life span?

My prayer to the Lord that morning continued (I often write my prayers to the Lord),

The man you saved is a violent warrior. He is looking ever and only to the Commander and seeks to please Him. He is faithful to Sandy, never looking at another. He is a Lover and a Leader. The man You saved is a friend to all and will freely give his shirt and coat to one in need—even though he has his own needs. The man You saved lives the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle. He isn’t entrusting his soul to a prayer he prayed or an aisle he walked but to the Person of Christ. He is a “Lord’s Prayer Man” not a “Sinner’s Prayer Man.” Thy Kingdom come, Lord, and let it come in me!

I know this man is alive, Lord, and every once in awhile I can actually see him. So why do I still feast at ‘Pharaoh’s Diner’? Why do I do it only to look in the mirror later and disgust myself? If this man, this saved man, can muscle up to the head of the line and punch the lights out of this other entity who passes himself off for me, I know he will never choose Egypt and its crap (‘scuse the language, used only for effect) because he knows, (a) it is never palatable, and (b) it is passing. This saved man will never forage for a half-eaten Wendy’s burger covered in maggots in some dumpster but will sell all he has for the Manna from heaven.

That’s what got me on this soap box today. I sincerely hope I didn’t needlessly offend you but every once in a blue moon I need a swift kick in the derriere to jolt me back into kingdom reality when I catch myself eyeing the green of Egypt. And I suspect you do too. So, c’mon, brothers and sisters, let’s stop the retching. The bags are all packed, the wilderness is calling, and the Lord is wooing us to our inheritance. Giants will fall. Kingdoms will perish. And we will not look back, by the grace of God, but forge ahead. What’s to miss, after all?

Someone please pass the manna…



9 thoughts on “Manna and Mammon

  1. CovenantBride says:

    oh i love this…oh yah…great post…be bless… -g-


  2. marie says:

    Wow, Pastor! Have I ever told you how refreshing it is to have a Pastor that spills his guts for all to see? You don’t know how encouraging it is to know you’re not perfect! You seem perfect in person, your sermons perfectly convict me, your conversation makes me feel perfectly wonderful, your wife is picture-book perfect. Are you sure that was you that posted this blog? 🙂

    Seriously, everything in my life seems to take precedence over my time with the LORD! I beat up on myself and swear tomorrow I WILL do better, only to have tomorrow come and go and leaving me wondering how much longer will my LORD put up with me?

    I did so much better during the fast! There seems to be power in knowing others are fasting and praying as you are. Well, at least it released power in my life to overcome Egypt. I need that again! I’m lousy on my own!

    Anyway, my beloved Pastor, your leadership in humbleness and vulnerability is going a LONG WAY in this girl. Be assured, your flock sees the Scott in the 1st paragraph of your prayer. The beauty of the LORD shines through in all that you do and say!!!


  3. Jerald says:

    In the little daily devotion from Moody called “Today In The Word,” for today here’s some of what was said:
    “David may have been the best example in the Old Testament of a man who loved God and loved his neighbor as himself. Among the kings of Israel, he was peerless. He showed undying loyalty to his friends (like Jonathan) and grace toward his enemies (such as Saul). He truly was a man after God’s own heart (1 Sam. 13:14). But David wasn’t without fault, and one bout with selfishness just about destroyed him. The account recorded in 2 Sam. 11 was the low point in David’s life when he failed to love: he committed adultery with Bathsheba and then attempted to deceive Uriah before finally plotting his death.”
    You can guess the Scripture passage that went with this devotional. It was Psalm 51.

    There’s also a reason that Paul said, “…we do not war according to the flesh…” and “Put on the full armor of God…” and many other things that deal with battling or being at war.
    Just a cursory look at my book shelf will yield several books like the following: “Lord, is it Warfare? and “The Bondage Breaker” and “Spiritual Warfare” just to name a few. There’s a fellow at our church doing a weekly Bible study on the subject of “Breaking Strongholds.”
    I’m convinced that the reason much of the New Testament was written was to help us all with the issues you have brought up. Remember, we were BORN in Egypt. We are Egyptians by heritage. Yes, I know that we have been immigrated into a new kingdom and are now citizens of a new nation. But I’m like you and like what the Apostle Paul admitted to being – “not what I want to be.”

    If you want to know what I think, here it is. The church is way too lax in realizing the pervasive nature of sin. And, we forget that we are like magnets to it. We go about our merry way assuming that all the TV programs we watch are “not really that bad” and fall into the trap of letting a lot of “crap” (I’ll not apologize for the word) into our hearts and minds. We don’t know how to say NO! to the flesh as Scripture calls it. We just can’t seem to understand how a beer now and then or reading that racy novel or watching a movie with several GD’s and one nude scene in it are so bad. We miss our daily devotions and shrug it off as if it were nothing.

    The reason I can say these things is because I’M THAT GUY! I find myself wading in ankle deep in the world’s pleasures and thinking I’m walking on dry ground. I just don’t notice that my feet are rotting and I’m getting dangerously near the quicksand.

    But, like that feisty Apostle I can say, “…but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 15:57


  4. J.Thomas says:

    I totally get the heart of your post, brother.
    It’s interesting that whatever this Babylon is, and although there seems to be some continuity from person to person, there also seems to be a large amount of personal interpretation as well….which is important, I think.

    Here is a message about Babylon and Gods Eternal Purpose (WARNING – LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK. COULD POTENTIALLY ROCK YOUR WORLD):

    Although I don’t see eye to eye 100% with everything he has to say, I cannot dismiss the reality that he presents to the body of Christ.

    In All Love~


  5. pasturescott says:

    Marie and Jerald-

    I receive your blessings with all humility and deep joy at every remembrance of you. Thanking you for giving me “room” to be a pastor in your lives and for loving me through all the yuck…but Christ is my righteousness and I lean hard into Him, praise be to His Name! You both are real and relevant in my life and goad me lovingly to explore the depths…

    Blessings and love to you both…


  6. pasturescott says:

    J, I will do just that–I will ‘click on’ and pray that the Lord ‘clicks’ something richer, deeper and fuller in me. Thank you for always managing to see my heart in these posts, fellow follower of the Way…I really loved your benediction. Thanks, beloved!


  7. pasturescott says:

    Jamie, that’s how I feel when I read what the Lord is doing with you. Your Open Letter to Hubs should be in every marriage manual…


  8. pasturescott says:

    Oh, I missed you up there, Covenant Bride! Sorry…

    Thanks for you encouraging input and you be blessed too!


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