Marriage Is Communication (And Comical!)

These might just save your marriage:


Book One: “Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat? (A Man’s Guide To The Loaded Questions Women Ask)”

Book Two: “Yup. Nope. Maybe. (A Woman’s Guide To Getting More Out Of The Language Of Men)”

And An Honorable Mention From The Comic Book Genre (because men don’t typically like to read, and this one has pictures!):


Get it? This one puts the “pure” in Puritan!


11 thoughts on “Marriage Is Communication (And Comical!)

  1. J.Thomas says:

    I LOVE the comic!!!


  2. pasturescott says:


    You don’t think it’s too much?


    (then he would say next, “mind if I kiss your 2-LIPS?”)

    Get it?


  3. J.Thomas says:

    Too much?
    Have you forgotten who your talking to?
    My favorite book in the bible is the Song of Solomon!
    Oh yeaaaahhhh….

    I remember that!

    Just can’t remember all the words for the letters at the moment…


  4. J.Thomas says:

    So the books are really insightful? I might just go pick ’em up…not that we are in dire straights or anything. I appreciate the wisdom of others.
    Whats the saying? “All truth is Gods truth”…

    (No “spring board” intended!)


  5. J.Thomas says:

    (Doh! Just realized they are by believing authors!)


  6. J.Thomas says:

    A great friend of mine recently gave me a copy of each book the other day.

    The one for husbands is actually pretty insightful. I just finished reading about the second loaded question.

    One of the authors makes the point that God is neither male nor female, how (He) is more balanced than either “side” alone.

    I think this resonates with Paul’s words about how, in Christ, there is neither male nor female, but a NEW creation.
    Makes sense to me.

    When we are graced with Gods nature, it only figures that, in our spirits, we become like (Him).

    Don’t worry, I’m not getting anywhere near the “homosexuality” conversation. That’s not what I am referring to here.

    I’m speaking of finding True Balance in the Spirit of Christ.

    Alright brother.
    At this point, I’m starting to get a bit concerned about you.

    I HOPE that you are just taking a much needed break from blogdom, or that you are busy spreading the Love of God somewhere or… SOMETHING!

    That’s it.
    I’m contacting Alisa to be sure you are alright…


  7. Jessica says:

    hey pasture scott I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. pasturescott says:

    Hi my beautiful little friend, Jessica. Love you too!

    See you at church?


  9. VidaVidana says:

    Thank you for constantly updated, always a pleasure to read.


  10. pasturescott says:

    And a pleasure to have you in the community, VV! I love the name…Russian? I truly hope to hear from you again. Truly. God’s blessings upon you wherever this night (day) finds you…


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