No Nerd Here

I am nerdier than 9% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!


Overall, (I) scored as follows:

90% scored higher (more nerdy),
1% scored the same, and
9% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? (My) nerdiness is:

Definitely not nerdy, you are probably cool.

(Of course, I didn’t need a test to tell you that.)


11 thoughts on “No Nerd Here

  1. Jerald says:

    Wow, Scott! You are soooo cool…uh..hip.
    Maybe that’s why I’m futther up the nerd scale that you. I don’t know the difference between cool and hip.
    Ah well. My score was 6 – 61% scored higher, 37% scored lower.


  2. J.Thomas says:

    Scott, I scored the exact same as you!
    Very Cool!
    Don’t worry, Jerald, we’ll keep you around just in case our computers crash or something.



  3. I scored 51%

    “Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers.”


  4. pasturescott says:

    Jerald, it’s the glasses, man. They are a dead giveaway. The pocket protector too. And the high water britches.

    (To All: nothing could be further from the truth with my man Dr. J!)


  5. pasturescott says:

    JT, is this scary or what? Identical scores? Were we separated at birth?
    TT, 😀
    (and for God and all the world to see!)


  6. J.Thomas says:


    All kidding aside.
    I was being mean.
    Sorry, Jerald,…everyone.

    …love you all..


  7. D. Spann says:

    12% higher, 1% same, 87% lower. But then, whud’ja expect?


  8. pasturescott says:

    Guess that means you and I are polar opposites, Don. It also means I got a lotta teknickel stuff needs fixin’ and rat about now, yer ma best frend…


  9. D. Spann says:

    If one zigs and t’other zags – add ’em together and you get a level line. “You can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one (pole) without the Uhhhh-ther!” [big wide toothy grin]


  10. Jeff Maguire says:

    Well, after taking a test myself, I found out that I’m a DORK!!! Go figure. *sigh*


  11. pasturescott says:

    *wide-mouthed grin*

    But you’re still a cuddly, sweet dork, Jeff!


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