Psalm Umpteen Hundred Thousand Thousandth and One


treble-clef.jpgtreble-clef.jpgMy Father, You reign.  You are Victor and Victorious.  You sit glorious in the heavenlies over all.  Son of God, You sit enthroned at the right Hand of the Father until He makes Your enemies His footstool.

Hallelujah!  There is no end to Your Kingdom!  Blessing and honor and glory be unto You forever! treble-clef.jpgtreble-clef.jpg You have ripped us from the lair of the enemy and set us free.  You have made a place at the King’s Table for Your children who turn to You and bow to Your reign.

Thank you, Mighty One, for conquering the devil and his angels and death and the grave…and for finishing the work so that Your Name would be exalted.

There is no one like You, no one.  No god is like You and I call You my God!  My name is engraved in the palms of Your Hand and You call me by name.

My soul is satisfied, well satisfied, with You, and You Shephered me faithfully while the enemy surrounds me and waits for my fall.  But I am held tightly to Your chest.  Your grace keeps me from wanting to pull away and walk from Your care.  I am secure against Your breast and I want it to be so!  This, too, is grace!  I never want to wander from You, my Lord, for what is there for me apart from You?

This my soul knows right well!  In You is Life and joy evermore.  There is a path that seems laden with lasting delights for stubborn, earthly man but it leads to emptiness and despair.  Not for me!  Oh, no!  And not for all those whose delight is ever and only for You.


Though the domain of darkness imposes its strength and will, all the flexing of its muscle is powerless against the Kingdom of my God, Kingdom of Light, Kingdom without end.  You broke into the strong man’s fortress, overcame and humiliated him with Your infinite power and released his captives so they might glorify the Great God’s Name throughout eternity as Your trophies of grace.

Praise You!  I laud and applaud You!

This is my freedom song and You are its Author.  It is my pleasure and honor to sing it back to You with every breath I have—in this world and the next.

Heaven, tune your instruments!  Stretch out to receive the praise songs of the ‘captives-no-more’!  Lord, receive Your glory!  Your people want to raise You with their praises!

All who are redeemed, come before the Lord with your freedom song. Let us move hell to raise howls of anguish with our voices!

Glory, glory, glory to Your Name, O Eternal God!  Blessing and honor and glory be unto Your Name forever.



8 thoughts on “Psalm Umpteen Hundred Thousand Thousandth and One

  1. rjperalta says:

    Very rich, my brother.
    Thank you,


  2. Evelyn says:

    I thank my God for how He continues to use you as a voice to encourage and stir us. This is a sweet post and I couldn’t agree more about the redeemed of the Lord needing to “move hell”. May we come to be a people who expereince our King being enthroned on the praises of His people and see the works and the snares of the enemy dissolve and be scattered. Bless you Pastor Scott, Evelyn


  3. pasturescott says:

    Nice to hear from you, Richard. Your website and visits to my own are always an encouragement to the Body of Christ!


  4. pasturescott says:

    Love to you, Evelyn, and the rich mercies of our wonderful Lord. May the best of all that God wants for you be yours out of His vast supply. Strength and love. Peace and grace. Power and Wisdom. Glory and hunger. Amen.


  5. brotherjohnny says:

    Looks like He answered your prayer!
    You are blessed 🙂 !


  6. Lana G! says:

    Love it! Absolutely love it!


  7. brotherjohnny says:

    Sho’ has been quiet ’round here.
    I reckon you been busy.
    Jesus is yours.


  8. pasturescott says:

    Busy is right, JT!

    But, should be posting something soon. Like later today or tomorrow at the latest. Your blessing is enthusiastically received!

    Jesus and you. Does it get any better?


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