Giving Up On The Joneses


Jesus sent His Twelve harvest hands out with this charge…you don’t need a lot of equipment.  You are the equipment, and all you need to keep that going is three meals  a day.  Travel light… (Matthew 10:5,10, the message bible)

Dave Bruno is a guy who thinks he has way too much stuff.  Dave Bruno has decided to do something about it.  Dave Bruno is paring his life down to “100 things.”  That’s right.  He is fasting “stuff” and allowing himself only 100 things he can lay claim to and he’s giving the rest away.  His website gives more of the particulars, but this is the general gist of what he’s about.

Do you think Dave is crazy?

Or a genius?

If I did likewise (and I am thinking dreaming about it), just the equipment and medical supplies I have to keep around because of paraplegia would take up about half the list.  Okay, so a hundred and fifty things for me.  Wait.  I have about twenty Bibles that are ALL very special to me.  And my books.  Oh, my precious, dog-eared, musty lovelies!  How smooth and inviting your gilded edges…

All right, three four hundred things.

Of course there’s still Sandy and Graham to consider.  Okay, so four hundred and one things.


This just occurred to me: perhaps Solomon’s life would have been better if he had, say, done some spring cleaning and kept only ‘a hundred’ around the palace.



20 thoughts on “Giving Up On The Joneses

  1. marie says:

    Hey Pastor, maybe we could all just purge our homes of everything we don’t need, bring it all together somewhere, and then everyone take what they may need and donate the rest!

    Count me IN. Oh, and we won’t be needing anything, unless someone is getting rid of one of those plasma TV’s as our’s will be obsolete next year when the digital age takes over and our almost 20 year-old TV will be trash. 🙂

    BTW, I vote that all books count as one item. If you have a thousand = one item, etc. Clothes and dogs the same.


  2. brotherjohnny says:

    Marie, Sister, that is brilliant!!!
    Ms. Alisa was telling me today about this website called ‘’ or something like that, kind of a virtual expression of what you are talking about.
    We could bring it all to N.R., that would give us all an opportunity to interact more personally, and truly meet one another’s needs.
    If there is anything left, we could just donate it to salvation army or whatever.

    Now what do I not need around here….?


  3. rjperalta says:

    We have found that the freedom from stuff is truly a “setting free”. We still have a ways to go, but making headway with our most recent move.
    Thanks, all of us need to take heed,


  4. timbob says:

    Greetings. What a brilliant (and scriptural) idea. “And having food and rainment, let us be therewith content.”

    Have a blessed thanksgiving in Jesus.



  5. Hi! I believe I would have a hard time narrowing things down to just 100 as well. My husband would love to have me limit my basement storage items to 100 though. That might actually be doable if you caught me on a good day. 🙂

    I’ve been by your church a hundred million times as I live right down the road…..I attend Lithia Springs First Baptist. What a small world this bloggy place is!

    I have added you to the blogroll over at Georgia on My Mind where I have a large collection of Ga. blogs. I also maintain the Ga. Blog Carnival every other week and would love to have you submit a post every now and then. 🙂 My primary blog is History Is Elementary.


  6. Genevieve says:

    This reminds me of when we moved to Kentucky from Germany. We had just enough things for our home. Our home had a spacious feeling. Then the things were delivered that we had put into storage before going to Germany. We should have just sold it all immediately — obviously we didn’t need most of it, or why would we have put it into storage? But we took it in, and more has accumulated in the 16 years since. We have never regained the feeling of “plenty of room.” Printed matter is one of our problems. My husband is a hoarder of books (I accept that) and magazines (I wish he’d get rid of them!!!)

    Have you read “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard J. Foster? He has a great chapter on simplicity (an outward discipline.)


  7. pasturescott says:

    Hi Marie, my dear sister in the Lord, I am just now getting around to replying to you and my other gracious readers 😦 and am grateful for your input here. The Lord has the Mitchells under the same conviction. All we need now is for a couple (let’s see…hmmm…you and JT!) to coordinate such a festivity. You still in? (loved your two cents about the canines, btw!)


  8. pasturescott says:

    JT, I hope you see from my above comment to Marie that you have been volunteered. You still love me? On another note, I trust that all is well in your household. Bless the Lord in you as you faithfully work His fields and for the Holy Sweat that slickens your brow. You are loved and thought of often.


  9. pasturescott says:

    God bless you, Richard! Keep on keeping to the narrow path for the journey is freeing in itself. I enjoy reading of the Lord’s inworking in your life. He is really coming forth in you and my blessing to JT above most certainly includes you!


  10. pasturescott says:

    Timbob, though quite tardy 😦 I received your blessing for Thanksgiving and you will be delighted to know it was truly a blessed time with family. How kind is your visits with me here and even more your input. Be blessed in Him tonight.


  11. pasturescott says:

    Elementary History Teacher!

    Welcome to my little community! And a neighbor to boot! That’s happened to me with another reader and I think it’s just the coolest thing! History! My favorite subject (ooh, I gotta add that to my 100+ list…). Oh, and a fellow follower of the Lord. I am deeeeelighted to meet your acquaintance. Thank you for adding me to the Georgia blogroll as I am honored to be a part. Let me know how I can help in any way as I am open.

    Blessings to you!


  12. pasturescott says:

    Thank you Genevieve for your response here! Yes, I like Richard Foster and read the book you mentioned several years back. I forgot about that chapter and you got me hyped to read it again! I am grateful you stopped by and for the thoughtful response to this post. BTW, your website is full of good stuff and I especially love the header/banner on your site. I look forward to reading some of your Christmas articles.


  13. marie says:

    He’s baaaaacccck! 🙂


  14. J.Thomas says:

    Well….Marie…, we have been charged.
    I would really like to get together on this. What do you think?
    (we can email if you’d like).


  15. brotherjohnny says:

    Pastor Scott,

    The Lord is smiling over you.

    A big, BIG smile.


  16. Mic says:

    Foster also has a book called “Simplicity” which I own but simply have not read yet……
    I love this idea Marie came up with…has it lost it’s luster in the last two months?


  17. marie says:

    Hey Mic, yeah, I e-mailed Johnny that my niece is desperate for money and so anything I get rid of will be sold in a garage sale this Spring for her.

    However, I agree that it would be a great thing to do. I wouldn’t mind helping out even if I couldn’t contribute to it. Johnny had some wonderful ideas for things we could do.



  18. pasturescott says:

    JT, you always, ALWAYS, know just what to say…

    I’m smiling at the remembrance of you.


  19. Dee says:

    Wow, that is kind of radical. I agree that “things” don’t make a person happy. And I agree that too many things becomes a burden (then you have to take care of them). But some things are useful to use for your gifts and talents and to enjoy life. And yes, many of us have stuff that would be better to give to others who have a greater need.


  20. pasturescott says:

    Good job, Dee! I still love what Paul told Timothy: “God gives us richly all things to enjoy” So long as the stuff doesn’t have us, we’re okay. And as long as He doesn’t have to pry our hands open for us to release them to Him, there is joy here too! I guess I live on that line of tension between enjoying what He’s given and not building barns to hold it all!



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