Messiah Complex

Found this in a sidebar of a book I was reading…the list is described as “five unrealistic expectations that can contribute to servant burnout.”  Sometimes we take “all things to all men” to extremes it was never meant for.  To paraphrase Jethro (Moses’ father-in-law, not one of the hillbillies): “You can’t save everybody, Mo!” (see Exodus 18:17,18)


  1. “There should not be any limits to what I can do”
  2. “I have the capacity to help everyone”
  3. “I am the only person available to help”
  4. “I must never make a mistake”
  5. “I have the ability to change another person”

–from Caring Without Wearing by Carol Travilla


3 thoughts on “Messiah Complex

  1. Darla says:

    interesting read about Jethro ( and yes I was thinking Hillbillies)…Jethro was the first outsider to just join the children of Abraham, and also knowing many other gods, heard the rep of GOd, and shoose to join…sacrificing to GOD. Wow! there is a lesson in that with application.

    I recently told my class…Yes we can do all things through Christ, ya just want to make sure HE told you to do it first… sitting at HIS feet and being fed by HIM is still best!


  2. Darla says:

    choose not shoose… 😯


  3. great post…lotta times other ppl put too much on us…cuz we already be perpetratin tha standard on ourself…boundaries are good…i like fences…lolol…thx fa this one…be bless… -g-


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