Just A Reminder

Translation: 10 days to buy me something nice…



5 thoughts on “Just A Reminder

  1. darla says:

    and me too! 😆


  2. tony says:

    … but, imagine the bargins that you’ll have to choose from. Spend lightly my dear!


  3. pasturescott says:

    You two are a riot! So…what’d you buy me?


  4. darla says:

    okay I know it been only a week since you posted..but this is a reminder that its been a week. I am missing you again…why does God allow me to miss you and then make annoyance of myself here? 😆 my guess Because HE can!

    Loving you and hoping to hear or read something from you real soon. I am thinking you are also due a new avatar pic..hahaha just like a girl…nag nag nag..sorry..your avatar pic is just fine..still makes me laugh!


  5. darla says:

    Happy New Year…praying for you…I am also praying that you will post something soon..love ya brother


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