You’re Getting In My Personal Space

(Blondes, you will need to use a pencil with eraser)

  • I don’t read good.
  • I suffer from terminal laziness.
  • I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Huh?
  • My inner child was bugging me for ice cream.
  • My shoes are too expensive to walk in.
  • Wheelchair symbol? I thought it was a rocking chair!
  • My religion forbids acts of common courtesy.
  • I ignore OTHER laws, why not this one?
  • am disabled… by a painfully swollen ego.

11 thoughts on “You’re Getting In My Personal Space

  1. krislinatin says:

    I get so mad at people for doing that… Sorry that happens to you!


  2. pasturescott says:

    Oh Kris, believe you me, I got some stories for you…

    It’s all good! That’s why I keep a brick in my glove compartment…



  3. Alan Powell says:

    As Leona Helmsley might have said, “The disabled parking signs only apply to the little people.”


  4. pasturescott says:

    Oh that Leona…she so funny!

    Don’t know if I qualify as little, but I’ll be glad to be little if only to get an up-front spot on a cold rainy day…

    (Thanks, old buddy! Good to hear from you!)


  5. Jerald says:

    I was sitting in Martin’s on Monday morning and saw a guy pull his car into the clearly marked no parking zone BETWEEN the Handicapped Van spots. I thought…well maybe I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself. This is a family blog.
    Anyway, when he finished his breakfast and got in his car and started to pull out, something happened to his transmission and it wouldn’t go into reverse. He had to struggle to push and pull and strain to get the ornery beast out far enough for him to go forward.
    Hmmmm. Once again, I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself.


  6. Jerald says:

    Hey, the only reason she would suppose that it was me was the fact that it was a car that didn’t have a reverse.
    So far, so good…

    So there – – – – – :r


    • Marie says:

      My bad. It was the “ornery beast” desciption that convinced me it had to be you. I thought you knew that was what I named your car last week when I had to drive it. 😆


  7. darla says:

    I have a friend who is paralyzed from the chest down, and they found work for him where I used to work. I know this is a problem. Lots of times I needed to pull into a no parking zone, and argue with attendants because the handicap spaces were taken by people without the sticker or flag to hang on the mirror. My friend thinks its funny that I make my own rules them, because he is coming with me and we are going. I want a tablet like that..hahahaha thought about leaving notes..but they would not be a reflection of Jesus at the time. That is also something my non-believing WHeel chair friend thinks is funny..he says “this sweetie will give anyone Jesus, but take the handicap spot while appearing fine, no Jesus for you”

    I sympathize with this problem, and wonder why the police do not ticket more for that?


    • pasturescott says:

      I’ve thought of the ‘tablet’ idea many times, to just leave a bunch of irate notes, but, like you Darla, I’m usually not in a Jesus frame of mind in the moment and am glad I have no writing paper around…I will confess to giving a few stares of disbelief when someone hops out of their vehicle and strolls merry as you please inside a store. I never say a word, but I think my facial expression has given me away…well, back to the Refiner’s fire for me!


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