666 By The Numbers






 When I was breaking into puberty, Richard Milhouse Nixon was America’s president. On his staff was a man that many thought might just be the end-time dude, the replacement-Christ, the anti-Christ. It had everything to do with his name. Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, Nixon’s Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, was of European descent and was greatly used in opening lines of diplomacy between the U.S. and China and brokering peace deals between Arabs and Israelis. He drew gasps from many religious buffs who heard him declare “Peace is at hand” near the end of the Viet Nam conflict.

The Peace Man.

But the empirical evidence seemed to be, not his name so much, but the letters in his name. If one assigns numerical value to each letter of his name in both Hebrew or English, one arrives at the sum total of ‘666’. Of course others thought Reagan was the anti-Christ because His first, middle and last name each have six letters each. 6-6-6. Then came the Pope, the Secretary General of the U.N., George Bush, various Russian leaders, and Bob Dole. Oh, and Prince Charles. (I think it’s because he’s a prince and the Bible sometimes refers to this coming world monarch as a “prince.” I think.)

Rick Warren is another. There have been stranger guesses, I suppose. Or maybe he’ll be the false prophet (now behave all you fightin’ fundies).

Frankly, if you strive hard enough, nearly anyone’s name could sum out to 666. I like what a guy named Salmon wrote: “If the proper name by itself will not yield to it (i.e., 666), add a title; secondly, if the sum cannot be found in Greek, try Hebrew or even Latin; thirdly, do not be too particular about the spelling…We cannot infer much from the fact that a key fits the lock if it is a lock in which almost any key will turn.”

Here’s an idea worth considering. Maybe John the Revelator was thinking along these lines. Sorry, no predictions here of the WHO, only the certainty of the WHAT.

Consider the Roman numbering system. The Roman numerals are, of course, as follows:

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100
D = 500

Add them up.

What’d you come up with?

Six hundred and sixty-six, right?

Oh, I almost forgot. There is another Roman numeral that I did not include in the list. Anyone have a guess? Oh, you are a smart little cookie! Good for you. That’s right.


And what does ‘M’ amount to?

Right again. Can’t get nothing by you, can I? It’s numerical value is ONE THOUSAND.

Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t there something significant about ‘1,000’ in the Revelation? Something about a Ruler coming to set up His Kingdom and rule for a THOUSAND years? And at the end of the thousand years (aka, the Millennium), the Father will come to earth and the Son will turn the Kingdom over to His Father forever! And we will be the Father’s habitation and the Bridegroom Lord and His Bride will dwell together under His roof forever…


Going back to 666, I don’t have the foggiest who the “little horn” is but I do know this: he has designs to rule and reign for a long, long, long time, but no matter how much he wants to reign exclusively, he will NEVER achieve his goal. For there is another who is coming—bet your bottom dollar on it—and the government will be on His shoulder, and every knee shall bow and everyone will confess that HE is Lord to the glory of God the Father. I do know His name. The other guy?

It doesn’t really matter if it’s him, him, so-and-so or whatsisname. All I know is, his term will be less that a single presidential term (no, I am so NOT inferring anything by that, just pointing out the meteoric rise and fall of this would-be Christ) and will still not be able to rule everyone on the planet. Sure he will have great, diabolical power and his presence will prove terrifying. And his campaign slogan is “worship me or die.” I know all this. And I know we will need wisdom like we’ve never known in the coming days (see Revelation 13:18) and great “endurance and faith” (13:10).

But he is a man of the SIX and six is one short of seven which refers to God’s man. His perfect, completed man. Earthly Man at his best will always fall short of the ideal. And his term will soon be over. This is deTERMined by the King who will reign forever.

Have your I, V, X, L, C and D, o enemy. The ‘M’ is for MESSIAH!

Cue Handel. It’s time to sing and shout!


13 thoughts on “666 By The Numbers

  1. I remember when I thought David Hasselhoff was a prime candidate….


  2. annie says:

    Good words, Scott! I love how you’ve put this all together. I am of much the same mind; people in certain circles stir up emotion of ‘this’ or ‘that’ person being the antiChrist. It’s all just emotional hysteria, as far as I can see. There will be the revealing of the antiChrist one day, but we don’t need hysteria, whatever happens. I don’t think that’s of God. Besides, as you’ve so wonderfully said … we know the end of the story anyway. 🙂


    • pasturescott says:

      Indeed we do, Annie! Indeed we DO know the outcome…and for any eyes who catch this brief repartee between Annie and me, PLEASE go to her website (click on her name in her comment)-it is wonderful!

      Thank you, Annie. When encouragement comes from you, I think I’m in high grass!


      • annie says:

        Wow, Scott! Thanks for the high praise! I’m glad you enjoy my blog so much! I enjoy yours as well. You always serve up such great thoughts.


        • pasturescott says:

          There you go again…


          Seriously, I am so glad to be in your circle where puff pieces are kept at a minimum and the things on the Father’s heart are so freely and boldly expressed. Words to encourage, edify and stimulate. Your site mentors me.


          • annie says:

            WOAH. Good heavens, are you gifted as an encourager? It sure flows out of you, brother! I don’t know what to say. I think you are one who plumbs the depths.


  3. darla says:

    okay my little mind thinks…

    -so what if they are the anti-Christ…
    -can i really do anything about it..
    -Is my God all that HE says HE is…
    -and since HE is! don’t i just need to make sure I am walking in HIS shadow..
    – i am believing that the church(western culture) is in for some purifying..
    -purification says HE is coming ..
    -so i get excited over this stuff, i don’t know who the antichrist is, and i do get weary of Christ followers pointing the finger and playing devils advocate in this..

    _what i know for sure..is I am not wearing the number if I live through the time period, and i hope we all stand strong.

    hahahaha hows that for a small post on your post! 😆 good mind provoking stuff..I love that about you!


    • pasturescott says:

      I readily agree with you, Darla. We in the west are in for some purifying. Some see a Rapture getting us out of this mess (and I did for a long time)…I don’t see that. There is STILL supposed to be a purified Bride. Spotless. Elegant. Regal.

      There’s some work to do. A lot and a looooong way to go.

      There is a prayer I find myself praying regularly is: Lord, give me a ‘finish line’ faith, a love for Your Truth and a Single Eye for all things Kingdom. Amen.


  4. darla says:

    I have looked to the word to justify the rapture thinking, and there is too many holes in it for me. I may have to write a post on this. Not so much to change anyones mind, but to have them seriously look to the WORD them self, and remember to keep the script in context. The biggest thing I have seen people rely on is “one left standing, and one gone” earlier in that same chapter God refers to Noahs Ark..mmmm seems to me that the righteous were left,..again in Revelation HE speaks of judgement and the unrighteous are first, and later in the book, HE says HE is coming and bringing the new jerusalem…so why are we leaving if HE is coming and bringing this.

    My simple thinking is..purification must happen, and tribulation has already begun all over the world except for here, so why would Western believers have the out no one else is getting…and why so much in revelation if we do not need to know it..

    OKAY now you have me going again..loving the church going on over here..can’t…stay…away…


  5. I dunno…
    If a bunch of people are suddenly ‘taken up’ and I’m not with them, I might actually be relieved. Consider the parable of the wheat and the tares. What is gathered up first? What does the farmer do with them?
    Just a thought….

    But I don’t want to start the day with possible ‘end times’ scenario’s….


    You are our Life!!!



    • pasturescott says:

      Yes JT, and Matthew 24:39-41 tells us about 2 men in a field: one taken and the other left. Also 2 women grinding at the mill: again one taken and another left. (Hey, field, grinding–wheat & tares…)

      I’ve heard this preached as a rapture text but, like you, that’s one rapture I want no part of. The ones taken are swept away in judgment (like those swept away by the flood, v39)…

      The beginning, end and center of prophecy is JESUS.

      Yes, JT, HIM–always HIM!

      There is no fear for those who are abiding in Him, like the 8 in the ark…also a picture of JESUS…no fear…let us not quake at the shaking going on for if our ‘house’ is built on the ROCK, the CORNERSTONE, the house will stand.


      Love you, brother.


  6. brotherjohnny says:

    you too Scott.
    By the way, dinners ready.
    First course anyway 🙂 .
    I tried to pick out as many bones as I could find…


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