In Case You Forgot


So stick out today…smiley3

…you have a lot to smile about!



11 thoughts on “In Case You Forgot

  1. Ackla933 says:

    Pastor Scott

    Miss you!! I’ve prayed for you. Which I do not have to tell you that. Is there anything I can do for you and Sandy?

    This weekend I am taking my sister to visit the cousin in Warner Robins, whom she may live with temporary or longer come summer. I plan to only stay tonight and come home tommorow night. Hoping you’ll be back in that pulpit preaching. If not that’s ok too, but you know you are missed. I fwd: you and Sandy my zoo mail and humane Society mail so if you guys feel bombarded with my emails sometime let me know if you all are not interested in getting those and I will not fwd: on to you or her.

    I never get to get on you blog anymore, use to at work, but busy lately. it was nice to get updated. I hardly get on the computer at home except to pay bills.

    GET WELL SOON! Take care and call or email me at work or call my cell if I can do anything for you or Sandy.


    • pasturescott says:

      April, every remembrance of you brings joy to my heart. I thank you for remembering Sandy and me during our time of difficulty and for offering yourself as Christ does. May you be blessed in the Lord today, knowing all is well (and getting better all the time!) and assured of our prayers for you and Anna and God’s wonderful will to be done in Jesus’ Name!


  2. darla says:

    I always need a reminder! and it always makes me smile!

    How are you? been wanting to get an email off to you, maybe this weekend as I am grounded with Allergies, and still recovering from infection..we should be side by side so we can attack blogs know just for fun!


    • pasturescott says:

      Darla, that sounds divine! I trust the weekend got rid of the yukkies or that you are, at least, better. I am fine. The wound made rapid progress last Sunday/Monday but has plateaued a bit. We are still praising God for 50% healing! Probably two more weeks of down time…who knows? But there is SO MUCH I am getting done from the bed…I have to get that book done so you can get your copy, you know!

      It is always a blast to hear from you!


  3. Jerald says:

    Thanks for the reminder Scott. Actually, your ‘post’ is what the Wednesday morning men’s group has been looking at for the last couple of months. Good stuff.


  4. Amen!
    We need to be reminded of our true identity sometimes.
    The Lord called me to the scriptures Saturday morning. He knew
    the place where I was at.
    In His soveriegnty, He used a list of scriptures that a
    brother gave to me, bringing me to Romans 6.
    This was the area that I needed to be reminded of:
    (v11)…So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin
    and alive to God in Christ Jesus….-
    (v14)…For sin will have no dominion over you, since you
    are not under law but under grace.
    How do we consider ourselves?
    Dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus!!!
    All glory to the Risen Lord!!


    • pasturescott says:

      Johnny, I believe I need to hear those same words today. I will read from Romans 6 and come away rejoicing as you have. That is our pedigree, our reality! I sing “all glory” with you, beloved one. Dead to sin, Alive to Him. Period. Exclamation Point. Jesus is the exclamation point!


  5. Ackla933 says:

    Very happy to see you SUNDAY. I just love hugs from you & Sandy. It’s nice I got my dad to come too. I’ve kinda just told him he has to come with me for the holidays. The main ones anyways (Christmas, Easter, and Father’s Day) My dad likes New River and always seems comfortable.


  6. annie says:

    Amen! Thank God for all of it.


    • pasturescott says:

      Yes indeedy!

      To Him be all the praise and glory.

      Is not the Lamb deserving of the Reward of His Suffering?

      That’s you, girl.

      And me.

      And all who are intimately related to the Son!


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