Well, I Goofed!

Yeah, leave it to me…


I went and done it now…

I plum forgot to renew my primary domain (pasturescott.com) and now have to wait about 3 months for it to be in play again…

But all is not lost.

Sniff, sniff…

(I’m trying to be brave in the face of ‘losing’ a long-time web-friend)

You see in the “http” box way at the top of your screen? Yeah, above “file” and “edit” and view”…that’s it…

That’ll be my “new” website address…

‘Scuse me for a moment, won’t you?

*retching and dry-heaving*

Just change your web-finder t-t, t-to, to…


Until further notice.

And if any of you grab my preferred DOTCOM when it’s released back into the pool…

Well, you’ll make me cry. And you won’t like it when I cry.


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