Deja Vu With Pancakes

It happened again recently.NT1594883

“Again” as in too many times to remember through the years.

I was strolling into one of my favorite breakfast hangouts and passed by a woman who was waiting for her take-out order. I smiled and offered a cheery good morning greeting and she decided to take that as an invite for conversation. Lady, I may be a morning person, but I do like my morning’s alone.

Here went the gist of the conversation:

“I was in a wheelchair once,” she proffered without solicitation.

The hidden eyeballs inside my mind started to roll big time.

“Oh? Is that right?” I replied, feigning amazement.

“Yes. It was the worst three years of my life.”

At least it wasn’t two weeks or four months, as I am accustomed to hearing. Or an afternoon (“just goofing around in  Grandma’s chair”)…

But before I could recall them, the words were already coming out of my mouth and there were legislative powers within desperately trying to repeal them. But, tragically, to no avail.

“What happened?”

I have to admit, her story was legit. And quite possibly even horrible.

“I got my foot caught in a conveyer and nearly twisted it off.” She held out a bare leg which revealed a nasty discoloration to her foot.

“Ew…that must’ve hurt!” Scott, would you just stop?

“Oh, you have no idea…”

No ma’am, I don’t guess I would.

She rose from the bench she was seated on and I inched away, hoping for closure by saying, “glad you can walk.” And truly meant it. I am not about to begrudge.

“Yeah, me too.” She gaited over to the register without so much as a limp while her order was brought to the counter. My wheelchair and I rolled into the dining room to our very own table. I am sure somewhere deep inside she wanted to know about my situation but I didn’t offer it up.

No way could I say these had been the “worst” twenty-seven years in my life. Not by a long shot.

I wouldn’t wish them on her, either. They are my gift.

I get to do this…(yes, you heard that correctly)…

…Until I’m sitting on an IHOP bench, waiting for my take out order, and I can walk up to a counter, pay, then jump into my SUV and drive away.

Even then, I don’t think I’ll say to someone on wheels:

“”I was in a wheelchair once…”


12 thoughts on “Deja Vu With Pancakes

  1. KaKa says:

    I don’t think you will either, but I want to be there when you could if you wanted to


  2. krislinatin says:

    I have been guilty on more than one occasion of being insensitive to others plight. [for lack of a better word]

    the difference between you and her…you care. even if you didnt want to you asked about her..what do you think made you do that?
    we all have our ‘gifts’ [ i call it sanctification] from the Lord. right now mine is not of the physical nature and I waver on wanting to trade with you…. [should i insert my foot now?] 🙂
    i know somewhere you tell what happened to you…do you have a link?
    be of good cheer, my friend. Be strong and courageous! The Lord is with you!
    i’m drooling now becuz i want pancakes 🙂


    • pasturescott says:

      I receive that blessing, Kris! I’m doing cartwheels that you can still find me here! You know, with all the domain mess and all…such a faithful friend for years now…

      Is there a way we can breakfast at IHOP through Facebook, btw?

      Kris, you got me thinking about a page that tells my “story”. I will try to get it together and put it up within the next week or so. In short, in 1981 I was desperate for God to “fix” my prodigal life and I told Him He could have it all, everything…whatever it required…then 3 nights later I found myself at the bottom of a cliff (more explanation is warranted here, but it was pretty much a hiking accident)…and left paralyzed. Fast forwarding now, I am looking back on almost 28 years of paralysis and constantly being held in His hand…just like He told me way back when (read Ps 37:23,24 for my life’s verse)…

      Again, Kris, I receive your blessing and take it strong to heart! May God return it to you with wave after wave of glorious mercy and grace!


  3. krislinatin says:

    Hey? you on Facebook? You should come hang out with me!


  4. brotherjohnny says:

    I’d hate to think of how may times I have blown it in those kinds of situations!
    I have a reoccurring debilitation called ‘foot-in-mouth disorder’.

    Lord, have mercy…


  5. Robin says:

    Hi Scott!! Well, I’ve literally been searching the web for about two hours for you, your sister (Karen) or Derrick, etc., etc. and came across your blog. Holy cow! This is Robin, Karen’s old roommate and, yes, I mean both old (former) and old, as in, it’s been 20+ years since then. PLEASE contact me at with Karen and Derrick’s info, etc. I pray that Sandy and Graham are great. I have not read your entire 3+ year blog obviously so….

    Just an FYI, I will NEVER EVER forget having the opportunity to sign “Lord, I want to know you” by Steven Fry as you sang it way back when at Walk Thru. Blessings, my friend. BTW, I’ll be in the area the next few weeks. Would LOVE to see you and Sandy!!!



    • pasturescott says:

      Robin, what a joy to reconnect! I had forgotten you signing the Fry song but it’s so very funny you bring it up! That song has been in my head for weeks, after years of lying around on a dusty shelf in my mind! What is God saying, eh?

      I will jump on your email and give you my great Sis’s info shortly. May you be blessed, girl! Sandy and I are sooooo well and the Lord is stirring, moving and revealing amazing things! Should the Lord allow us to connect in ATL, that would be a good thing! We will wait to see what is in the Lord’s plans.

      Your blog is fun! You and Chip! The pics of your (former) home look like they’re from a magazine…now you got it up on wheels and going mobile! That’s some very cool stuff–kinda along the lines of the things I’ve been preaching of late…


  6. Stevo says:

    It is sad to admit but I have been guilty of this. I sometimes try to empathize or sympathize with someone out of kindness or for the sake of conversation. You just do not know what someone’s story is unless you ask or in some cases are told.

    There was an old owl that lived in a tree. The less he spoke the more he would see. The less he spoke the more he heard. It’s too bad that we are not more like that wise old bird.


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