Words of a Recovering Junkie.

I asked my son’s permission to copy and post this from his Facebook page. We are rejoicing in the faithfulness of God in His handling of our son. Oh, he is so good to us! How He loves prodigals and longs to see them home…

Here it is, completely unedited, as is. That’s what makes it so powerful:

Hi my name is Graham and I’m a drug addict. This is a little about me. This is coming from a recovering addict of everything I put my hands on. Meth was my drug of choice. I wish meth would’ve never been invented. I was so trapped in the chains of addiction to meth that I didn’t care about myself or anyone else. I begged borrowed stole and hustled daily to get high. I will forever be haunted by the memories of myself and the things I’ve done. Meth changed who I was. I became this “zombie” who cared nothing about anything other than the drug. Thankfully I have a God who cared enough about me to stop me before it was too late. A year ago I was cashing fake checks for a dealer of mine so that I could have money to buy whatever I wanted. Out of the thousands of dollars I stole, I have only one thing to show for it, I bought a 400 dollar cell phone a few days before I was arrested and thankfully I still have it. I also bought two cd’s: Gucci mane Back to the trap house and Outkast stankonia. (I don’t have those anymore.) The rest went to Oxycontin 80’s Roxie 30’s and meth. I was arrested 4-22-10 with 9 counts of forgery (felony) and 3 counts of theft by deception (felony) not to mention I was on first offender probation for Possession of marijuana with intent (felony). Needless to say I wasn’t getting out. I did 6 months in the county jail and six months in Coastal State Prison then Clayton County CI. God had to slow me down. I was on the path to death. I am thankful for it. I wish you would never try meth. It will destroy you. Trust me. I could tell you all this till I’m blue in the face and you’re going to do whatever you want and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you. But for the people who are still chained to addiction, my prayers go out to you. I am not perfect in any way trust me, but I’m doing my best. I feel better about myself. I have made amends to my family and we are doing great. To all the people I stole from, robbed, cheated, and tricked, saying sorry isn’t enough, but I’m sorry. I’m not the same person, and I work daily to become a better person. This is my curse. This is what I have to deal with daily. But today I will wake up and chose to be sober. Today I chose not to be a zombie. I chose life to the fullest. Not a fake world of illusions that drugs brings but a real world. It’s funny as I was writing this; I got a call from Johnny’s Pizza. I got the job! I start tomorrow. My God is an awesome dude. He helped me break the chain of addiction in my life, granted me parole, and got a 3 time convicted felon, currently on parole, tatted to the gills, a job within a month of my release. Sweet. Thank you God.


9 thoughts on “Words of a Recovering Junkie.

  1. Marie says:

    God is SO good. ALL.THE.TIME!


  2. Lesa Batema says:

    When I made the post about brokenness and you agreed I knew you were speaking out of experience. I love our God of mercy and grace, He is an awesome God. I am rejoicing with you….this is AWESOME!


    • pasturescott says:

      Yes, Lesa, we are fellow journeyers–and those we love–on the road of brokenness. And I wouldn’t change it nor would you. How wise is God! How compassionate! And neverendingly faithful in His handling of us. Thank you for joining our party! You are welcome here, friend…


  3. brotherjohnny says:

    That is some GOOD NEWS! A wonderful testimony of the reign of God in ALL things and even breaking into the heart of your beloved son, wooing him to Himself!!
    Keep on keeping on Lord!! Keep on keeping on Graham!! This really blesses my soul, Scott!


    • pasturescott says:

      That is EXACTLY what is happening, JT! You called it, brother…

      I hope I can get Graham in here to reply to you. Hope you can meet him. He’s wonderfully cool like you.



  4. Alan Powell says:

    Thank you for sharing what I know is a painful part of your life. As the brother of an addict, I am fully aware of the trials that you and Sandy have faced. But our God is great! He never gives up on us. He only wants us to return to Him. I pray that the Lord will continue to work in Graham’s life and that He will continue to show Himself strong.


    • pasturescott says:

      “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”

      Thank you, Alan, for blessing this soul today! Sandy and I are living in the reality of your prayers for us and Graham is as well. This weekend was one of the most meaningful Mother’s Days for her and our family. God is indeed stronger than the enemy–no contest since he is already defeated–and your prayers are meaningful and a blessing!


  5. pasturescott says:

    Sadly, this young man has returned to the lie and illusion of life that is not life, but death. Pray for him. The story is not finished and we are all hoping in Christ for a final breakthrough that will lead him into the lasting liberty of Christ.

    A few months ago the Lord gave me a word about our son: “As long as he is looking for a way out instead of the way home, he will remain a prodigal.”

    Pray that he will yearn to find the home that is graciously waiting for him.


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