Reading Round

There’s so much good being written around blogdom on matters of faith. This is a sampling of what has caught my eye of late, worth your own perusal:

    • Rachel Held Evans’ treatment of salvation as more than a ‘sweet-by-and-by’ reality gets much-deserved kudos.
    • Thank you, Trevin Wax, for your frankness and compassionate touches in addressing N.T. Wright on Rob Bell and the Reality of Hell. If there’s anything more hideous than universalism, it has to be the ones who flirt with it by skirting the Words of Jesus or ignoring them altogether.
    • Donald Miller reminds us that “forgiveness is a pleasurable experience” and that “it feels much better than anger or hate” in his insightful, Want To Be Happy? Forgive Your Enemies
    • Pastors, before you display the colors this Sunday, read Kevin DeYoung’s cautionary article, “Thinking Theologically About Memorial Day”; it could have gone a bit further but I appreciate his admonition to “remember” our first and true citizenship
    • On a more practical front, I like Justin Taylor’s (Between Two Worlds) piece that fosters a more intentional discipline to reading

We all have some extra reading time this weekend, so enjoy!


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