What Are YOU Doing This Summer?

This is nothing new for the Church. Once again she seems to be riddled with controversy, just as she has down through the pipelines of history. Today I find myself considering some of the more ‘popular’ dissensions that are gushing from our dialogues and forums.

Alas, for my personal disciplines, I shall be taking these summer months to sled on theological waves of Open Theism (not a fan), New Perspectives on Paul (not a fan, but sitting in the upper deck), and Universalism (not only not a fan, but standing outside the gate holding up a sign, beseeching people not to go there…).

To the last one, the rhyme of C.T. Studd springs to mind:

Some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell.

So I guess I’ll wade into the pages of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, grit my teeth and find the humility of Christ in my opinion. Is he a universalist? Won’t know until I read what he says. I pretty much know I’m not one.

You may want to ‘google’ the above doctrinal minefields, put on your trunks and test the waters for yourself. (excuse the mixed metaphor)

What are you doing this summer?

Go ahead, impress me.


What Do YOU Think?

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