Sweet Tweets

I really like Twitter. Someone called it a “large, heavily populated metropolis, while Facebook is a favorite vacation spot and MySpace is a ghost town.” Evidently, yesterday 600,000 signed up in a single day. It took 16 months to sign its first 600,000. I saw where 224 ‘tweets’ are sent out every tenth of a second—that many tweets were sent out the entire day on July15, 2006.

I like it because I am fed with rich life-giving confessions and instructions (depending on who you ‘follow’) throughout the day. I like to pass some along to you, and I do so here again today. I pray you are built up in your most holy faith. I pray they confirm, instruct, encourage and challenge you as they have me.

“Sin is the suicidal action of the heart against itself.”
Tim Keller

“The call to martyrdom is not just the call to a heroic death, but the willingness to relinquish and lay down the self-life today.”
Art Katz

“Greatness resides in the one who is no longer looking to be blessed, but is seeking to bless others.”
Bob Sorge

“What you cherish at your core is what you aim at with your life.”
Craig Groeschel

“The wise virgins said to the foolish ‘No’ when asked for oil. We won’t say ‘No’ in that day until we learn to say ‘No’ to distractions today.”
Corey Russell

“When you speak, be sure the things you say are an improvement over silence.”
Jason Oelrich

“It is a cheap zeal that reserves its passions to combat only the sins and temptations of others.”
D.A. Carson

“A saint is one who exaggerates what the world neglects.”
G.K. Chesterton

“God calls us out of darkness and into his marvelous light and then calls us to walk right back into the darkness and shine.”
Burk Parsons

“Preaching must continually show not that Jesus is the means to prosperity but that he is better than prosperity.”
John Piper

“Most of your unhappiness is due to listening to yourself instead of God.”
Rick Warren

“The gospel is always counter-cultural. No culture has ever heard it and said “Yeah, we knew that.”
Albert Mohler


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