Somebody’s Knocking

It is the strangest thing.

Just now…well, moments ago, a tune from a long-ago ere-forgotten song just leapt into my mind. Immediately, I recognized it as one of the first of my introductions to the music of theologian/minstrel Michael Card and I knew “in the now” that the Lord had planted the melody there and I had no choice but to give ear.

A bit of background: earlier I had spent a bit of personal time studying the word “obedience” in Romans 1:6. Paul’s context reminds us that our faith is not passive but active, requiring obedience. Broken down, the word means ‘to give ear, attention’, ‘to submit to (a word)’. And this: ‘to answer (the door)’

To answer the door.

The Revelator John quotes Christ, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” The King isn’t out on the landing hoping some lost soul will give Him permission to be their Savior but is offering Himself to the church. They have lost Him in their busyness. Like the parents who misplaced the lad Jesus out of distraction and indifference, the drifting church had become a Christless club, housing all the trappings of faith without its Chief Center.

Imagine the din, hustle and bustle of the inside suddenly interrupted by a very decisive knocking. There may have been some hand-raising, amens going on with tears in the pews. Perhaps it was a scheduled Agape Meal, the first Sunday of the month. Without the Host. Then, a knock.

Guess Who?

Just a bit ago, I was settling in for some Worship and Time with God when I heard the knocking on my own door. Strange. The trappings of my quiet time are arrayed on the table, the worship music is cued and my spiral notebook is open ready for journaling. Speak to me, Jesus is on my heart.

Why would Jesus be knocking?

I know it’s Him. I’ve heard the sound before: soft but sure, more of a tapping than intrusive pounding. Perchance He has interrupted my own set cadence and requested that I give ear to something I had been ignoring? Better not take any chances. So I answered the door.

As I mentioned earlier, He did not say a word but was merely humming a tune. I’m not very good at “Name That Tune” but I did recognize this one. As my Shepherd took a chair beside me (foolishly, I had thought He was already there!), while continuing to hum the melody, I found the song in my iTunes library: Know You In The Now, by Michael Card. A classic.

Echo of history
A light so many strain to see
The one we talk so much about
But rarely ever live it out

Could you tell me why
Was it for this you came and died
A once a week observance
When we coldly mouth your words

Lord I long to see
Your presence in reality
But I don’t know how
Let me know you in the now.

We should confess
We lose you in our busyness
We’ve made you in our image
So our faith’s idolatry

Lord deliver me
Break my heart so I can see
All the ways you dwell in us
That you’re alive in me

Lord I long to see
Your presence in reality
But I don’t know how
Let me know you in the now!

When you lift certain phrases out, they sound like indictments, particularly “the One we talk so much about but rarely ever live it out” and “We should confess we lose you in our busyness” or this little gem: “we’ve made you in our image…”

I could sit here today with a blistered bottom from being taken to the woodshed, but instead of chastisements (spankings), I heard warnings (speaking)*. In place of lashes there were promptings to adjust course.

Watch out, Scott, lest your quiet time become a hollow idol itself. I call you to Myself, not the Word.

Beware giving me the leftovers of your day.

Don’t Schedule Me! Seek Me…

If you love Me, obey Me In The Now.

Perhaps you hear Him knocking? Answer the door, my friend. There’s no more beautiful sound than the sound of our Lord humming. Let Him sing over you today…

*See Hebrews 12:6 for difference in Greek words discipline and chastisement: the first involves positive correction (reminders, challenging talks), the latter, painful correction (spankings, punishment)


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