The children of Israel, wandering in the wilderness, were taken aback by a strange food falling from the sky all around them.

“What is it, Moses? Manna?’

Then the Lord spake unto them from heaven saying, “Nay. I like to calleth it Hot Krispy Kreme Donuts.”

Read it. It’s there. I’m sure of it.


6 thoughts on “Manna!

  1. Alan Powell says:

    Hot doughnuts now! When do we eat?


  2. Thank God i was not drinking something when i read this!! ha hah, love it and im right with ya on that, melt in your mouth manna


    • pasturescott says:

      Unfortunately, Kris, those KK shops were everywhere around here. Now we have to drive a long way to get them.

      A: It’s worth the drive, and B: it’s far enough away so I don’t hear the scales say, “One at a time, please.”


  3. youthguyerik says:

    I could see them dissolving away too…
    Very funny.


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