The Gospel That Jesus Preached

I’m really looking forward to Scot McKnight’s book, The King Jesus Gospel.

I have been grievously burdened for some time about the gospel that is being peddled in the western church. Some have called it an ‘incomplete’ gospel in that it presses for decisions but leaves off the necessity of discipleship. I believe it is not only incomplete, but deceptive in that it offers an unreliable assurance to those who are trusting in it. It falls in the category of what Paul warned against:

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed! (Galatians 1:8, NASB)

Then Paul repeats the last refrain just for good measure in verse 9.

We’ve made the Gospel message a veritable stroll down the Roman’s Road instead of a narrow road that leads one out of Vanity Fair. We place so much emphasis on “It is finished!”* that we tragically ignore the admonition to “finish the course” with a fixed belief**. There are entire generations who believe they have heaven because they prayed a prayer and made a decision for Christ. Where are the testimonies of the abiding life? I’d like to see John 15 become a bigger part of the discussion on eternal life than the Roman’s Road. All of First John, too.

Why not Mark 1:14,15? Or the rest of the ‘Red Letters’?

There’s a ridiculous notion out there that says the Gospels can only be applied to a particular audience for a limited period of time. Sorry, but the dispensationalism of Darby and Scofield have led to the diluted, deconstructed gospel we have today. Let’s do, as Scot suggests, “start all over again.”

With the Gospel of King Jesus. The Gospel that Jesus—and His disciples (including Paul***)—preached.

*It most certainly is finished on our Lord’s end, having secured the means, way and endurance for our salvation, but it remains for us to enter in by faith and determined belief—all of which comes with the empowerment of grace to accomplish
**Such a life can only be lived by drawing on grace that empowers us to abide in ‘this other life’, not by human effort, and certainly not by the means of religious piety
***Acts 20:25; 28:30,31


6 thoughts on “The Gospel That Jesus Preached

  1. Scott,
    Really love the post. Reminds me of books written by Dallas Willard on discipleship. Oh how it is needed more than ever today. Thanks for sharing.


    • pasturescott says:

      Richard, my friend, NICE call on the Willard works. I recommend them highly to any who stumble on this post and our comments.

      I share your passionate voice, brother. “More than ever” indeed. And so much more as we see His Day approaching…

      Keep me accountable, friend!


  2. Great post. I believe that another tremendous problem (developed in a well-meaning way) is that we have emphasized grace at the expense of the the Law. In prior centuries the great Christian leaders used the Law to create an understanding of personal and individual sin and guilt. Then the Gospel can be effective.

    Much of today’s presentation is benefit-based. Come God because He has a wonderful plan for your life, etc. Also, the health and wealth preachers. Salvation requires repentance and that is impossible without a personal awareness of personal sin. Modern emphasis on grace has ignored the reality of a righteous God and His standards (and terms for salvation).

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
    God bless you and your ministry.


    • pasturescott says:

      By all means, Robert, use this space to unload whatever and whenever! Your addition to the dialogue is invaluable, brother. I find in you a man who is both Paul (through your writings) and Barnabas, to encourage and walk beside me. I am grateful you allow me to wrestle through such things and provide helpful prodding.

      I agree enthusiastically with your addendums to my thoughts! Yes! Don’t get me started…


      Ray Comfort (?) has done a great job with joining the righteous expectation of a holy God to our salvation–thus avoiding man-centered soteriology–and joining it to our utter helplessness and His EMPOWERING grace which “causes us” to live in His righteous call (Ezek 36:27). Bless you for adding all the right touches here, Robert. God be with you and open the way before you!


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