Update on Pasturescott from Wifey-Poo

Greetings All.  First, a disclaimer: my husband wanted me to add this entry, so please overlook the fuzzy explanations, the makes-no-sense rabbit trails, the mixed metaphors, and the gaps in any pertinent information (Ha!).

Several years ago amidst another health crisis, I jokingly stated that our lives read like the movie titles:  “There Will Be Blood”, “There Will Be Blood, Part Two”, “Hamburger Hill”,  and now, “It’s Complicated”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I will be glad to elaborate on those if you need me to)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.  They carried the day.  What an amazing thing it is to be a part of something God is doing and watching when “man” can’t fix the problem.  I was reminded that Scott has been in the AMA’s medical journals before when he was first injured 30 years ago.  We are revisiting that again.

Today was a dual consult with Scott’s orthopaedic surgeon and plastic surgeon.  They said that (and I quote) “you are a complicated mess and we both need to meet with you and discuss options for proceeding.”  Soooo, we have been waiting since the beginning of July to get the required x-rays, CT scans, and MRI’s required to look at the problems from every angle.  We had been sent the findings on the CT scans and the MRI’s and after a vocabulary lesson from my dearest friend Karen Beard, we could begin to see this was not going to be an easy fix, but we felt God was working and we have had an extraordinary peace.  Although, there have been a few days when I got tired of waiting….my motto is find the problem, get a working plan, fix the problem. It has been neat to see the Lord rein me back in with His quiet voice and say, “Don’t you trust my timing, my plan for Scott and you?”

All of what we are facing today is a result of a continuing infection that had engulfed his entire body in 2009-10 when he spent 3 months in the hospital.  The plan then was to shoot the works at him and localize and find the original culprit.  They eventually said in the pelvic region.  He had abscesses (and still does) which ruptured and went everywhere in his body (bone, blood, muscle, tissue, organs).  Last fall, his leg began to swell and then opened up with a tunnel to the hip/pelvis area and he had surgery to clean out and totally rebuild his leg because of the destruction of the infection.  He got new blood, muscle, tissue, and a gorgeous scar.

After a month in the hospital and a month home, the leg opened again because the abscess did not get totally pulverized again (I digress here to say that they have thrown everything that they know and have available at these fellas, and they keep coming back AGAIN and AGAIN).  The problem we have is that added on top of this is Scott’s bones have been compromised.

Today, Dr. Murray said that there is chronic osteomyelitis (infection in the bone), but that the spine and sacrum have disconnected and that his spine from L-5 to S-1 is totally dissolved.  It’s weird to have him put the x-ray up and then draw where his spine should be because there’s just blankness. The abscesses are all there, the bones are NOT, and Dr. Murray has NEVER faced a situation like this before.  He has not been torturing us by making us wait, he has been trying to find a solution.  He says the problems make surgery IMPOSSIBLE.  And I again am using his words.

The surgery that he and Dr. Simon would pioneer would “kill” Scott (literally, once again, his words which he also repeated twice for emphasis).  So, he says the problem is huge and “surgically inaccessible.”  He has an idea to consult with a surgeon at Emory Hospital who does tumor re-sections.  He wants to see if he’ll take this on.  He only knows of one other case like this and that patient had to be sent to Johns Hopkins.  The only other option is to once again use radiologically placed drains (like catheters) to drain this out of him and hope they get zapped.  Right now it’s all coming out his left thigh.  I won’t gross you out on the copious amounts of gook, but it is not pretty, but they are glad it’s getting out of him.

So, we are waiting to hear from this other surgeon (maybe one week).  Continue what we are doing, which is daily irrigating, and cleaning hole in his leg, oral antibiotics, and praying he doesn’t get sick.  I asked if it was possible to be like we were in ’09 and he said definitely.  So, keeping monitor on vitals, etc. must continue.  Holding patterns stink.  But, we are at peace and marvel at the way God takes care of us.  Our doctors are some of the very best, and they are sitting there shooting options and ideas and what-ifs because they so hate it that this is happening.  I just can’t wait to see what God is going to do with this.

I would like to add a sidebar, if I may.  Scott Mitchell is my hero.  For 30 years they poke, prod, cut open, cut out, set more limitations, curtail his activities & generally say, sorry, we can’t really help you.  He just smiles & says that’s ok, you’re doing your best, no worries.  I have lived in his back pocket & have continually been humbled by his love for, and his walk with God.   I just felt like that had to be said.  You cannot imagine the last two years especially.

Keep praying for him. Our love and gratitude, Sange and Scott.


11 thoughts on “Update on Pasturescott from Wifey-Poo

  1. Lesa Batema says:

    I will no doubt be in prayer for you all. I just want to say that the way Scott talks about Sandy and the was Sandy talks about Scott is nothing short of inspirational. Life is difficult under “normal” circumstances and these circumstances are far more than “normal”. God is so evident in your lives and it’s a blessing to see how God continues to work.


    • pasturescott says:

      Kind, kind Lesa. I gotta get Sange to read what you wrote here. It was like pulling teeth to get her to even “guest write” this but I am so glad she did. Thank YOU for inspiring me and so many others by being an awesome wife to Ray and mother to your beautiful children and true follower of the One who is worthy of the reward of His suffering. Believe me, His Life is evident in you, sister. Blessings always!


      • Lesa Batema says:

        Oh, Scott you have no idea how timely your encouragement was. I have been feeling that my posts, comments and shares have come across as narcissistic. If we are to do anything for the cause of Christ it must not be about ourselves at all. In fact to reveal our struggles is normally quite the opposite of narcissism. I have come to understand that no matter what there will be those who misunderstand motives. I don’t ever want to be a stumbling block but I know as you do that I am nothing without HIM and He is the only reason there have been ANY victories over struggles in my life. It’s all HIM! I appreciate also your constant testimony. Hopefully your lovely wife will allow others to bless her as she has blessed others. I’m still praying for your healing and for your precious family.


  2. Jeanne Martin says:

    Wow…Scott and Sandy…Wow. Praying for you both. Scott Mitchell, I can’t think of you and not smile. Love ya Buddy! Sandy your right he is a hero to so many of us!


  3. Alisa says:

    We love you!


  4. Belinda Cribbs says:

    Dear Scott and Sandy. We prayed for you at West Huntsville Baptist Church today. I pray for you frequently through out the week. May you feel Gods arms around you holding you up through these trials. You have been such a blessing to us through the years . Thank You!
    Your friend in Huntsville


    • pasturescott says:

      You are my/our friend, Belinda! How kind and encouraging of you to write, my/our sister. We have felt those very prayers and, at times, they have felt so strong and heartfelt that we’ve been able to tangibly feel the peace, direction and infusion of strength they were intended to bring from His Throne. Thank you, Belinda! And may YOU receive from Him a double dose of the same!


  5. Scott and Sandy I am so sad to hear about your ordeal these past few years. I think of you both often although I have not seen you both since Camp Deer Lake in Haw River NC in the 80’s. I will definately be praying for you both. I used to get some updates from Doug but was thinking of you this week and tried Google and found you. 🙂
    Love in Christ, Andrea Russell Anika


  6. 1099 form says:

    whats your facebook profile?


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