Greetings.  No, this is not Scott, so try not to sigh and continue to read.  We tried to think of the best way to communicate without collapsing from exhaustion (ha ha).  This seems to be the best way for all of us.  I think you reached here because you know his blog site, or there was a link on facebook.  Either way, WELCOME.

Thank  you so much for your prayers. We are amazed at the way God has used you to surround us with His peace, comfort and protection.  Bless you all.

Surgery was Thursday morning, and it went well. It was a preliminary success.  They got a tremendous amount of necrotic tissue, and other copious amounts of gunk, and he only had to have two units of blood (they were concerned about blood loss).  His blood levels have been better for the first time in 2 plus years!!!

Friday, the doctors felt optimistic that they got the most out possible and perhaps they would not have to go back into the lower spine area at a later date.  We were happy about that, but then they said that they definitely have to do a skin flap surgery to “close up” the wound area.  Which extends our stay by about 4-5 WEEKS!  So, after we gulped air, we just felt like it would be a blessing to be in here & monitored continuously while they pump him full of antibiotics & he heals.  The hard part is being flat (no more that 30% angle for head) and in bed in the hospital for a long time.  Scott’s had plenty of practice, but each time is still not exciting.

He had a great UNEVENTFUL (which makes it great) weekend. Praise the Lord.

Today, they told him that he had a bacteria growing in the surgery site that had pointers to the bowel and a possible bowel fissure.  Which was also a way they were leaning before surgery.  So, he is scheduled for a big gastric test tomorrow.  We are praying they will find something and it will be an easy fix, but we are just thankful that they are finding “things”.   We are also praying that these abscesses in his abdomen stop and he quits brewing these killer bugs.

Oops, you don’t know it but I was interrupted for a while.  They found ANOTHER bacteria just a while ago, so they are re-calling the infectious disease guy because it is ESBL positive which stands for Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase=resistant proteus mirabitis. So, we may have to scratch all meds & restart.  See why I don’t write every day.  The infectious disease doctor also said Friday night that he wasn’t sure that it was just in the hip area, that they would have to monitor his blood and if his inflammatory markers continued to stay high, he would press for the spine surgery.

He feels good, he is strong, and his spirits are awesome (he is a continuous shining example of God’s grace & so humbling to me).  We are just in that wait & see mode, and we are so grateful that we are in the best place to be, they WANT to work on him (even after 30 years) they are so gifted and are so good to us. How awesome God is to provide this specialized care for us.

Thanks for caring enough to check on us and pray for us.  You feel like the world and everyone are living large and you are stuck in a vacuum, so your texts (I don’t have unlimited, so don’t go crazy on me), e- mails, facebooks, calls, & cards are awesome.  Just don’t get mad if I don’t respond.  It is hard to fit it in between work, sleep, commuting, & then the revolving door while I’m here in the hospital.

I have been singing “Yes, Lord” all week.  “we are pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed…” WE ARE BLESSED!

Thanks again, to all of you.  We love you, SCOTT & SANDY


  1. KaKa says:

    GREAT update Sandy !!!
    I love to read your writings
    Taking the issues to the Father. Our God is so good
    Blessed beyond measure by you both

    Love you bunches


  2. Francine Graham says:

    Sandy, we will be praying for you. Thank you for the updates on both of you. We have been traveling and am just now seeing this latest saga in your lives.

    Love in the Savior,
    Francine for Allan too


  3. Kristin Hassert Kelley says:

    Praying for you both daily. It reminds me of what our theme at church has been this year “Unshakable”. You both are a great example. Take care and if you all need anything, please let us know. Daniel and I would be happy to help in any way.
    Love to you both.

    Kristin Hassert Kelley


  4. Scott & Sandy, May God give you strength during this time of wondering what is next. I will be prayering for you both. Sandy, Make sure you get your rest, so you don’t get sick.
    Take Care,
    Faith Detweiler (from Pa.)


  5. Stacey Clayton says:

    Thank you for the update!! I will continue to pray for both of you and a speedy recovery for Scott!!!

    Much love!!



  6. I pray Scott has a full recovery, and Sandy to get the rests she needs. I will be watching this site for updates.


  7. Alan Powell says:

    Please know that Michelle and I are praying for Scott and for you.
    Alan Powell


  8. India Williams Creery says:

    Thank you Sandy… I continue to pray for you and Scott, and I appreciate you taking the time to update us. I might have missed it, but what hospital is Scott in , and is there anything you two need at the moment besides healing and prayers? Please let me know when you have a sec…:) India Williams Creery


    • KaKa says:

      Scott is at Shepherd Center here in Atlanta


    • pasturescott says:

      He is at Shepherd Spinal Center in downtown Atlanta. Next door to Piedmont Hospital. It is a catastrophic care hospital for spinal cord injury & brain injury patients. It is on Peachtree Road. I’m not sure of the address. I think 2020 but don’t really know. Sorry…………..Thanks for praying.


  9. Brian Eagleson says:

    Please know that I am always praying for Scott and you Sandi. I prayed for Scott when his situation first started in 1981 and he is never far from my thoughts. Take care and God Bless you both.


  10. Debbie Johnson says:

    Dear Scott & Sandy,

    Phew!!! I’m exhausted just reading all that’s been going on and my heart aches to share in what you’re going through right now. If I could board a boat or fly the ocean without cost, I’d be there in a little more than a flash =] But I am resigned to pray for you both daily as you face this next “bump in the road”. You are loved so much and we are more than thankful for modern technology so you can receive this in a matter of minutes compared to a matter of weeks.

    Consider yourselves hugged.

    Debbie (& Chris)


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