Update on Scott

Blessings to all of you. Sorry for the delay in reporting but yesterday (Thurs) was a bit overwhelming.  surgery went well.  Dr. Simon took out 6 pounds of scar tissue & bad “junk” from his hip area (I really didn’t think he had anything left), did the wash and then a muscle flap to replace what was taken out, then sewed him up.  He did great but when they got back him back to his room his blood pressure bottomed out & they coded (red) him. It was a mixture of things that they say caused the “perfect storm” for him.  His blood loss was substantial and it was his third major surgery in 5 weeks.  They gave him four units on the table, four more through the night last night.  He was also dehydrated which happens when you have that loss of blood & surgery, etc. so they gave him 15 ltrs (bags) of iv fluids through the night.  His body temp was 95 which also caused problems.  BUT, all that to say they were amazing here.  Within 10-15 seconds of coding, the ICU nurse was there  with the equipment, the dr was there immediately, they got him going but I will say it was rather scary because he wasn’t responding to them or me or anything.  He said he could hear us, but he couldn’t say or do anything.  I may be a novice on coding, but his regular nurses were all upset, and have been visiting him today and telling him he can’t scare them like that again.  The recusitating machine is still at the foot of his bed with the case opened & the electrode gel ready….but he is stable.  His blood pressure is too low so they are administering Dopamine & that can only be done in ICU.  It is rising slowly but not consistent yet.  Great news on several fronts though.

Kidneys were normal yesterday (which was amazing), but they are excellent today.  They were afraid because they pumped so much fluid in him that kidneys couldn’t handle it, that his heart & lungs would fill up, but heart was checked this am & is excellent and it and his lungs are clear. Respiratory therapist just came in & said lungs are great & they are decreasing his oxygen.  Yippee.  He hadn’t eaten in over two days, so they were pushing him at dinner.  He ate half an egg salad sandwich (yuk) & some grapes & has kept it down….He is fairly miserable but is doing ok. He will probably be in ICU until Monday because of the many areas they are monitoring.  I can tell a big difference even since I got here this morning.  OH, I almost forgot.  They did a blood draw at 6 pm & there is no need for transfusions (PTL).

Your prayers were felt & treasured.  Through everything, there was such peace & HIS presence.  Even though I puked (no nice way to say it). I was sick with a sore  throat fever & took a sinus pills on an empty stomach & publicly emptied said stomach at the nurses station.  28 years of this & I have never been sick while he was in crisis.  Oh well…..they said I did it quietly & quickly & then all was well.  We are both much better today.  He still has a long recovery, but hopefully, we are heading in the right direction.

I came upon a Kay Arthur quote before this latest chapter in the continuing saga of Scott’s health, and I made a note of it because so many people have been asking me how we cope, or what is God doing, or why didn’t he answer our fasting & praying for Scott’s healing, how do you get back up when you’ve been knocked down? I don’t pretend to have the definite answer, but I know  God had been patiently prodding me for the last several years in all areas of my life that I couldn’t change or control the outcome, or fix it, to trust in His Sovereignty, but also in His unfailing love for me.  That said here is the quote, “no other truth has sustained me through all my trials like the reality of God’s sovereignty. Everything that comes into our lives is filtered through God’s fingers of love.”  I have been trusting His Sovereignty in things that were little (which I thought were big at the time), and now it is a joy to wait & see what He’s doing with our lives while we are here at Shepherd watching the tapestry created above being revealed one stitch at a time below.

All our Love & Appreciation Scott and Sandy


6 thoughts on “Update on Scott

  1. With tears of joy, we are praising the Lord along with you. And the Lord Jesus is certainly with you through this whole situation and in heaven one day we will see all that He was and is up to. We continue to pray and present every request concerning you to our Great and Mighty Savior who not only endured the cross for us but continues to this day suffering with each and every child of God here on earth. What a mighty Savior and what mighty two (in one) bearers of His image. We love you both and thank the Lord for you. Merry Christmas…


    • pasturescott says:

      Dear Brother, Jerome! Jesus’ love just flows through you and Sandy and I are humbled by the sentiments of what is on God’s heart that gets messengered through such a precious vessel. You have been so faithful to shoulder our burdens and take them to the Throne. Your walk is amazing and causes us (me and those who read your expressions) to crave that same closeness. Grateful to be in the family with you!


  2. The only thing I can say here is, “When the Lord completes the work, that will be one magnificent tapestry.” I praise Him for what He has done so far, and will continue to pray for Scott’s recovery.


    • pasturescott says:

      That will be realized, Walter, in that Great and Glorious Day “when our faith is seen as sight”. How kind of our Sovereign God to allow glimpses of it in this Age. All glory to Him! Love you, brother.


  3. Joy Martin says:

    Love you guys so much … thanks for the honest faith ! I’ll keep praying — 🙂 Merry Christmas to you guys !


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