Do You Stand With Your Party Or The Gospel?

Paul Schneider, the first Protestant pastor murdered by the Nazis, refused to compromise and side with the Germans (Nazi Party). He is known for the quote, “there are no storm troopers in Heaven,” referring to Hitler’s soldiers.

During one church service Pastor Schneider asked his congregation:

Where are those Christian consciences who judge righteously, who take the standard for their politics neither from National Socialism nor from socialism, but rather from the gospel?

This man was soon arrested, sent to Buchenwald where he was severally tortured and on July 18, 1939 was executed by lethal injection.

(from A Puritan’s Blog)

When Joshua and his fighting men approached Jericho, they encountered The Man of Glory, Jesus, the Son of God. Not knowing it was He, Joshua challenged Him: “Friend or Foe?” The steely-eyed general wanted to know His standing.

Are you on our side…(and jerked his chin in the direction of his target)…or theirs?

I get goose-pimply over Sabaoth’s reply.

(now here I must channel Tony Evans for effect):

“I didn’t come to take sides. I came to take over!”

Our God is neither Republican, Democrat or Libertarian. While there is some good in all three, there is also a great deal of mixture with the world system in their respective ideologies and, when pressed, and given time, each will take its ultimate cue from its own agenda. It happened in Germany in the 30’s and we are watching it happen in America in this young millennium.

I don’t care how conservative your party claims to be, until it publicly declares Jesus to be King over all kings and ideologies–and conducts its affairs accordingly–it will blend into the rest of the kingdoms of this world and hang those who join ranks with the Man of Glory.

One quick, final thought: to stand with the Gospel is to stand with Jesus. It all testifies to HIM!


2 thoughts on “Do You Stand With Your Party Or The Gospel?

  1. Scott, I just put this on my Facebook profile. Truer words could not be said. If I didn’t believe in the sovereignty of God, the politics of this nation right now would drive me crazy! I love America and the freedom it stands for, its ideals, and its Constitution.

    But I worship the God of the Bible, not the nation. And not its humanistic government.


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