Six Years…And Still Bleating.

I’ve been pleasurably blogging since the Spring of 2006. Green P@stures has somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 posts and some change and I’m blessed to have over 350 regular followers here in these pastures, not counting those who “chance by.” That blows my mind.

Along the way there’s been some heavy feeding and some light snacking. From “half-off”, deceptive gospels and ‘death-to-self’ esays to Maxine cartoons. Whatever floats your boat.

The following posts overwhelmingly take the prize of the most-read that I have put out there. It is fitting that the travesty of abortion occupies a prominent place among the rest. Feel free to visit them again, or discover them, as the case may be.

Thank you for reading. As long as the Lord gives me ability, I will continue down these sheep-paths with you. Keep coming back. Your bleats keep me company.

The Least Of These More stats
An Apologetic Against Abortion More stats
Sunday’s Comin’! More stats
Quick Intro and “100 (plus) Things…” More stats
An Easter Invitation–If You Dare! More stats
Extravagant Love More stats
He’s Looking At You, Kid More stats
The Fellowship of the Unashamed More stats

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