Church 2.0 (With A Twist)

Funny, right?

Not so when you consider there are over 38,000 denominations on the globe RIGHT NOW. Yes, you read that right.

And most of them, God help us, believe they have, indeed, gotten it right.

Conversely, portions of contemporary church are trying to be His body apart from the Head* and His heart.** In some circles there’s a lot of hands clapping and feet stomping, waving of arms and beating of chests, but all that commotion only serves to draw attention to itself. Unfortunately.

Seems to me the body needs to repent and find its Head again. Her heart too. And the only way to do that is to strip away all that impersonates Adam and cloaks the Spirit of Truth.

Now we got something to point at.

Then again…


(that’s the sound of slamming on the brakes)

(now we’re backing up)

(the Holy Spirit is interjecting now)

I’m listening, Lord.

Yeah. Thought that’s maybe what You were going to say. Yeahhh

He’s asking me if I’m submitting like that. And loving as He loves. All the above is true. Granted. But my finger, turns out, needs to point to my own heart also. Am I out here looking at a graph of “38,000” other believers and assuming I’m the one who has it all together? That I’m the star pupil?

Oh please…

What is needed here, IMHO, is simple:

I’ll let God work on me and you let Him work on you. Whaddya say? That’s what happened in 1 A.D. isn’t it? And those revolutionized few became a new generation of folk that turned the world upside down.

*Fully submitted to the reign of Jesus Christ, her Head
**Loving the world and one another as He loved


H/T to Ed Stetzer’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Church 2.0 (With A Twist)

  1. Heather says:

    Hahaha. That’s the funniest comic! I enjoyed this thoroughly!

    Pastor Scott, I would love to sit in again sometime with you & Papa’s meetings. I really enjoyed last time. Let me know if you guys are up for it!


  2. Came here quite unexpectedly when I saw your cartoon – it’s the same one my brother posted on FaceBook this week! I love it – and all your comments are spot on. I too am a Christian (or at least trying to be!), and always look to myself first for some reasons why there is so much trouble and dissatisfaction with Christians in the world. Our Model has not been our model, I am afraid. If we got back to basics, then we would not be giving Christ a black eye. The fact that Christ has managed to survive being the center of so many people’s lives is a testament to who S/He is.

    Loving you blog, and I invite you to visit mine! I will subscribe, and I’ll be back!

    I wish you enough. . .



    • pasturescott says:

      Thoroughly blessed you have visited with me here! I we would all just follow YOUR model and look to ourselves first…to see if, just maybe…I’m looking through a beam!

      Your subscription is gladly and humbly received! I look forward also to following your site. I’ve greatly enjoyed it so far!


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