When The Cookie Crumbles


Finally, a cookie that tells the truth!

But fret not, for here are some truths that will get you through…well, whatever it is you’re going through. For when your, uh, cookie has crumbled. (couldn’t resist!)

Theodore Parker Ferris was, in the opinion of some, one of the great preachers of the last century. While a great thinker and engaging personality, and whose sermons are great feats of communication, I don’t particularly count him among those who preached an undiluted gospel. Be that as it may, after his death, the vestry of the Trinity Church in Boston honored him by collecting and printing what they believed were the best sermons Dr. Ferris had preached during his thirty years as their pastor.

One of the sermons was entitled “When Things Don’t Go Well.” In it he gives us some handles on which to take hold as we seek to cope.

(1) “Remember that there is nothing that can happen to you that has not happened to millions of others.”

(2) “Remind yourself that as a human being you run the risk of this kind of thing happening.” The human condition is that life is fragile and love makes us vulnerable; we are going to be hurt, but our hurts will pass; some dreams will be shattered while others will come to fruition.

(3) “Remember there are people who became great facing what you must now face.”

(4) “Say, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to handle this, but I can. I know that from sources of which I am not conscious help will come, not necessarily the help I ask for, but help that I know nothing about right now will rise up in me, will appear suddenly from all sorts of unexpected places.’”

These are all true, of course, but you’ll notice none are tied to the Great Burden-Bearer, Jesus the Christ of God. Chalk it up to liberal theology and pulpit psychology, but rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I felt it was helpful to share his points. However, to make it less “fortune-cookie-ish” allow me to tie it together with the Truth that cannot be Ignored:

(5) Be advised that this episode is for training you in godliness. God wants to teach you something if you’ll submit and listen.

What Truth from Christ gets you through?


3 thoughts on “When The Cookie Crumbles

  1. JT says:

    How did you know that my cookie would crumble today..? *siiiggghhh*


    • pasturescott says:

      Enough for a graham cracker crust, JT?

      God’s love to you, my brother.


      • JT says:

        Maybe…once the crumbling slows enough for me to see what I’ve got to work with. Were I to force a moment of optimism upon myself, I’d say that there will, eventually, be a *biiiiiiiiiiiiig* pie coming from it all… somehow…. somewhere….for someone.
        Not meaning to whine here brother, just… ughhhh……………..


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