The Kingdom of God Is Like A Game Of Catch


Great thoughts from Carolyn Arends in her pleasantly moving book, “Theology In Aisle Seven”:

I suspect I have sometimes unconsciously used spiritual disciplines as smoke signals to get God’s attention. Now I am learning that they are simply ways of letting him capture mine…

…The other day I was trying to describe this shift in my understanding to my friend Roy Salmond. He ran to pull out an article he’d read in Time magazine more than a decade ago. It’s an eloquent piece called “The Game of Catch,” by Roger Rosenblatt, about baseball, parenthood, and the wordless communication between a father and son tossing the ball around. While the article is in no way religious, one thought in particular has permanently changed Roy’s view of life with God.

“They do not call it a game of throw,” Roy quoted, grinning. “They call it catch.”

Oddly enough, I understood exactly what he meant. Spiritually speaking, I’ve been preoccupied with throwing the ball; this turns out to be a case in which it would be better to receive than to give.

God is the initiator. We love because he first loved us. We’re here because he thought of us and welcomed us into his world. Yes, he stands at the doors to our hearts and knocks, but we need only let him in. We don’t have to summon him from another country or galaxy. The kingdom of God is already near.

Repent. It’s time to play catch.


2 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God Is Like A Game Of Catch

  1. Heather says:

    I heard Charity speak on this at New River once. It really changed my perspective of Him. I remember thinking, “He never wants to meet with me,—but, it is I, that never takes the time to meet with Him. He is waiting. He is eager! Oh, this makes me glad!


    • pasturescott says:

      God really uses you to bring (good) conviction to my heart, Heather. Your blog exposes a passionate – and real – young woman in her pursuit of Christ and His reign. Thank you for goading me (and others) to continue in the good fight. Blessings always, and especially in the new adventures that await you!


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