2 Chronicles 7:14 Is Not America, It’s Me

Sorry to disappoint you, but God is calling out of the earth a new race of men and women, not reformed Americans. Not cleaned-up Europeans. Not re-cast Homo-sapiens. There is no immigration into glory.

From beginning the Lord has predestined Homo-nuvos as His eternal habitation. A whole new breed of men and women (see 1 Peter 1:14-18; 2:10).

As many as believed (participle in Greek) on Him, to them He gave the distinction to become

…sons and daughters…


A divine race, legal citizens of the Kingdom who are deemed heavenly, not earthly (see 1 Corinthians 15:48,49).

People like this:

I’m looking for a people who I can trust to do My will with purity of heart. They are a people totally dedicated and consecrated to My purposes, who will rise above the flesh and the things of the world to truly walk in the Spirit. They have their ears attuned to My voice, and they follow carefully every directive without selfish pride or personal motive or need for approval. I am looking for a people who will be the people called by My name, says the Lord.

I once read about a young, newly converted shoe salesman who happened to share a park bench with a renowned evangelist. The elder man of God mused: “the world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in and by a man who is completely dedicated to Him.”

Later that day, those words still ringing in his spiritual ears, the young man found a private place to bow and offer himself wholly “out and out” to the Lord. Whatever. However. Whenever.

Young D.L. Moody rose from his knees with this sacred vow burning in his heart and on his tongue:

“by the grace of God I’ll be that man.”

That’s who I am.

That’s what I claim.

That’s what I am made for.

All because He called, I repented of my Adam nature, and now I’m becoming.

That man.

That brand new man.

Ever in His grace.


5 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 7:14 Is Not America, It’s Me

  1. Rick says:

    Indeed- revival must begin with the individual. Well said my brother.


  2. Belinda Cribbs says:

    It is so easy to pick out in others what needs to be done to make them a great Christian, But its me,thats in need of revival. Thanks Pasture Scott. I got the message.


    • pasturescott says:

      You are such a kind blessing, Belinda!

      I once sat in an invitation where the speaker asked all who dare to stand and draw an imaginary circle around their feet, then pray, “Lord, send a revival to everything inside this circle.”

      We got the message too.


  3. Jerald Hill says:

    I’ve been thinking about that text lately because I have a music CD that the artist uses it in a song. I think you should start the verse using the “If..” that begins the 13th verse. IMHO it’s one of those really big ‘if’s’ in scripture. I know you could easily preach on the precepts of this verse several times.
    But lately I’ve been thinking that many people in America are praying that prayer – you know – they turn to God and seek His face and repent… To what end? I believe some do it so that their land will be healed… So that their land would be healed…along with their pocket book and mortgage balance, etc, etc.
    Sorry to seem so cynical but this attitude seems so prevalent nowadays.


    • pasturescott says:

      Jerald, you carry the burden of our Lord who wept over Jerusalem and cried “If only, if only…”

      The kingdom is unmixed. It is a heavenly kingdom, borne of there and kept pure by its King. It is not a reformed America, but a reborn heart.


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