This is my story, this is my psalm…

Thirty-one October 2nd’s have now gone by since the accident that put me in a wheelchair. I cringe whenever I reference it as an “accident” as it was anything but. However, human nature being what it is, we like to classify things in terms we can wrap our heads around. To say my fall from a cliff while 17 other people stood as witnesses was happenstance is a miscarriage of truth. The truth is, God – Jehovah-shammah – was there.

And He was actively involved.

He didn’t enter the scene in the aftermath, like an EMT, but was overseeing and overruling the event as it unfolded. Try and wrap your head around that, why doncha?

Did He, then, shove me off the precipice?

Or did He stand aside and let it happen?

I know how we quantify His ways often by saying God “allows” things but doesn’t cause such things. I’ve said it often myself – and on most levels I believe in His permissive will. But we say it like it’s almost a passive will, that He looks at the evil that comes against us and says, “I wish I could stop you but my hands are tied.”

Okay, okay, yes He chooses to tie His hands as He did when His Son was being tortured and brutalized. That’s not my point. I somehow (somehow?) believe that evil set its design upon me 31 Octobers ago and asked for a warrant from the Judge of the Highest Court to tamper with me. The Almighty said, “Proceed” but did something far greater than step aside and let it happen.

He was there.

I said God was actively involved and I believe this is how: Isaiah the prophet encouraged the people of God with the promise,

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. For I am the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. – Isaiah 43:2-3

He told them the LORD would “uphold them with His right hand” (41:10) and I, personally, have been struck by the words I have long since felt the psalmist wrote just for me:

The steps of a man are established by the LORD, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds his hand. – Psalm 37:23-24

When the Almighty granted permission for my, shall we say, incident, I believe He added the caveat: “devil, you cannot kill him, cause any brain injury or completely sever his spinal cord. You may make My child a paraplegic, but no worse!”

I then believe God dispatched His angel-ministers to make certain His legislations were carried out.

If you interviewed many of the eighteen college friends that were gathered at Fort Bluff in Dayton, Tennessee that night, more than a few would probably say that over all, prior to my headlong jettison from that bluff (a height of barely 20 feet, thank the Lord), the night was memorable for all the right reasons: the mild temps, sunset over the Pocket Wilderness, the perfectly cooked steaks, the meaningful conversation, etc.

And yet…and yet…

Nothing anyone could up to that point put their finger on, but something felt…well…cockeyed.

What we couldn’t see in those hours between arrival, setting up camp, cooking and eating and cleanup, then the ambulance carting me away, was the open hostility in the heavenlies, where angels and demons stood their ground, the enemy determined to kill me and the heavenly beings determined to not let him.

God was anything but passive. Far from giving the devils free reign and making me open game, He was present and presiding and, as my body tumbled over the edge of that old rugged bluff, He did for me what He didn’t (by choice) do for His only begotten Son – intervene. Aren’t you deliriously joyful that there will never, ever be another son or daughter of God’s for which He will never intervene ever again? That He will always be present in our sufferings and afflictions?

They found me waking from unconsciousness with my head perched on a stone, however, the only mark on my head was a gash above my left eye where a scar still remains. My head wasn’t split open, my brain wasn’t damaged. I wasn’t a quadriplegic. My spinal cord wasn’t severed (although the enemy did everything to it just short of). And I wasn’t dead.

Thirty-one October 2nd’s later and I’m very much alive, with a quality and purpose of life I delight in, the Father is glorified in, and the devil despises (which is just fine with me). To His grace and glory, I’ve never come close to cursing God and taking my life. Every day I awaken I’m acutely aware of something I never much paid attention to those 21 years I lived on healthy legs: the strong Hand of God – His right Hand, He says – holding me up, carrying me when I require it, and hastening me on for another go. Every day, every season, every mile…until I am perfect – just like the One who made me.



18 thoughts on “This is my story, this is my psalm…

  1. KaKa says:

    Amen and Amen !!!

    On a side note… a watcher of the results of the incident….I think about how many years I have been blessed to say, Happy Anniversary on this day. I know it is only because of the work He has been faithful to do in and through you that we can celebrate this day. It is not an “I am so sorry this is the day you fell and your life was changed” it is a joyful “Happy falling of the cliff day”. We should have cake or something.

    Love you my friend !

    “Though he fall”……sounds like a good book title to me….;-)


  2. Hey beloved, such great peace in the providence and sovereignty of God. “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” (I Cor. 13:12). Great perspective from a great God! Love you, Scott!


    • pasturescott says:

      His way is indeed perfect, Rick. I’m blessed to see His way in you and how your trials are redeeming a glowing son of the Lord from the raw materials of your life, brother. He’s so faithful.


  3. Alisa says:

    ❤ !


  4. bga3 says:

    Thank you, Scott, for sharing your perspective as it gave me new eyes on my trials. Hmmm….


  5. Belinda says:

    And with all your infirmaties, you minister to me who is physicly healthy but spriitualy infirmed. Thank you dear friend/mentor/brother for posting this. I pray that you are strong in the battle the devil wages against your health. I hope to see you again at West Huntsville Baptist Church soon. Your messages always bring the Word from the Lord that is appropriate for the congregation at the time. Orchestrated as it were by the Master, Himself.
    With Love and Respect
    P.S. I am no longer participating in social media (time isues) so the only messages I see are the ones that come into my e-mail inbox.


    • pasturescott says:

      Belinda, I can think of no greater joy than to see you and our West Huntsville family in the new year. I am honored to hold such a place in your life, dear one, and the thought humbles me greatly. Your words made me grin from ear to ear! I love you, my sister.


  6. Cliffs……Your perspective gives me much hope that soon I will be able to completely and joyfully (every moment) see that in looking up from the bottom of one isn’t always a forlorn and helpless experience. You are a bright light of hope, my friend!


    • pasturescott says:

      Seeing you in this season and hearing of your stubborn faith in the high and holy God through others and reading in your words in different places a growing maturity that speaks of one who is indeed learning well the lesson of cliffs! Bless you, Marie!


  7. Debra S Dutton says:

    “Praising my Savior all the day long!” What a blessed thought to know that we will never have to know the feeling of being forsaken because of what He experienced on the cross for us,


  8. John says:

    “Aren’t you deliriously joyful that there will never, ever be another son or daughter of God’s for which He will never intervene ever again? That He will always be present in our sufferings and afflictions?”



  9. Alan Powell says:

    Dear Scott,
    What a rich walk that you have with the Lord! It is amazing to me that a life event such as yours can be used to show others that Jesus Christ is ALWAYS faithful to us. Thank you for sharing.


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