Beautiful Illusion


In Florence, Italy stands Il Davide, Michelangelo’s 17-foot masterpiece of musculature and pose, which employs the classical artist’s tradition of contrapposto – the illusion that the statue leans toward the right with the left leg seemingly bearing no weight…when in fact that apoplectic leg supports tons of marble!

Take comfort, over-burdened child of God.

While it appears your Father stands aloof, shrugging off concern, or leaning away from interest, it is only an illusion; for, in reality, He bears all the weight of your burden – when cast upon Him – allowing you to endure only your minuscule share in it.

And the beauty is, it’s David we’re talking about.

You remember David.

He was weak; the giant, unbearably large.

But Il Davide’s God was marvelously greater and bore the giant away.

Which He’ll do for you, if you’ll just stand still.

As stone.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Illusion

  1. This is a rhema word for me today. Thank you.


    • pasturescott says:

      Oh, dear Marie, you are so welcome.

      You know, I had just been thinking that I will miss J’s comments here on this blog. As stats go, he was one of my top commenters.

      Love you!


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