Today is a grace-kissed milestone in my life.

I get to tell people that I’ve been blessed to be married to my Sandy for thirty years.

I know.

She deserves a medal.

So, I thought I’d take you on an ever-so-brief journey of our bliss, a panorama if you will. My Facebook readers have read these, but I think these’ll serve us well on this platform, too. Didn’t want you to miss out.

And off we go…

Hey Sandy, you remember when I passed you that love note in Dr. Porter’s Corinthians class…when we weren’t yet in love?

Hey Sandy, remember when you put Clyde* in the backseat and he put a run in your hose?

*my first wheelchair

Hey Sandy, remember when we were in Mr.Castle’s driveway and I was talking to him through the passenger window of Dorothy’s car, and I started rubbing my leg up and down, then looked at you sitting in the middle and you had that puzzled, uneasy look on your face? Then I looked down and saw I had been rubbing your leg instead of mine?

Hey Sandy, remember when you wrote “I love you” in shorthand on my cake for Valentine’s Day?

Hey Sandy, remember when I proposed to you beside Jacob’s Well? And after my well-rehearsed speech, you reminded me I left out the most important words?

Hey Sandy, remember when you hopped on my lap for our wedding recessional and we started up the aisle, but your gown got caught in my wheel and we pitched forward?

Good times, good times…

Speaking of falling headlong…

Hey Sandy, remember when we were leaving our apartment on that rainy day, all dressed up for church, and my chair slipped off the side of the ramp and went over, and you rushed to catch me, but I pulled you over with me and we ended up in that mud hole, all messed up and laughing our heads off?

Last one…

(thanks for listening)

Hey Sandy, remember that day you came home from work and came into my office crying? Remember how you sobbed and sobbed until you could quieten enough to tell me that you’d been struggling for days about your salvation and knew you weren’t, but were scared to tell me, what I’d think of you, that you’d embarrass me, that you married me “under false pretenses” (smile), but couldn’t stand it any more, and would I pray with you? Remember how thrilled I was to get to “lead my wife to the Lord” and how we cried and praised Jesus for His marvelous grace to settle your soul? Remember?

I’m so glad you came into that room, darling, because now we get to spend eternity together too.


6 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. Alan Powell says:

    Congratulations Scott and Sandy! 30 years is wonderful. Thank you for your example!


  2. Sid and Debi says:

    Beautiful indeed… what a gifted wordsmith! And Sandy – Debi and I consider you one of our very few HEROES! We thank the Lord that we can count you both as friends!


    • pasturescott says:

      Brother Sid…heroic applies to you and Debi – such encouraging examples of going with the Lord and living out of His Life. Sandy and I love you guys. We’re honored to share in this adventure with such brave, miraculous people!


  3. A little late, but Happy Anniversary to you two!!!! I love y’all!


    • pasturescott says:

      Thank you, Marie. I awoke this morning missing Jerald something fierce. I also was moved to think you and your mom are no longer in the house you shared. I know it must be sad, but your disposition through all of this has been so amazing!

      Love you!


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