A Good Spanking

Couldn’t have said it any better…

“The older theology tended to produce character. By the end of the 20th century, we have become God’s demanding little brats. In church we must be entertained. Our emotions must be charged. We must be offered amusing programs. We give up a lot to become Christians, and what little teachings we do get must cater to our pragmatic, self-centered interests.

“Preaching must be filled with clever anecdotes and colorful illustrations with nothing more than passing references to doctrine. I want to know what this means for me in my daily experience. Have we forgotten that God is a Monarch? He is the King by whom and for whom all things were made and by whose sovereign power they are sustained.

We exist for His pleasure, not for ours. We are on this earth to entertain Him, please Him, adore Him, bring Him satisfaction, excitement and joy. Any gospel that seeks to answer the question, ‘what’s in it for me?’ has it all backwards. The question is, ‘what’s in it for God?'”

– Michael Horton

A fisherman put it this way in his day:

1 Peter 4:17-19 (Message)
It’s judgment time for Christians. We’re first in line. If it starts with us, think what it’s going to be like for those who refuse God’s Message! If good people barely make it, what’s in store for the bad?
So if you find life difficult because you’re doing what God said, take it in stride. Trust him. He knows what he’s doing, and he’ll keep on doing it.


4 thoughts on “A Good Spanking

  1. pinwika says:

    Thanks for sharing….re: Horton’s quote, I find that it is a sad reality. I work for a church in the production team for the Young Adult service, and more often the points of discussion end up being “How can we attract and keep more young adults” rather than “How can we bless His name and better give him the Glory?” We need to refocus…


    • pasturescott says:

      Ah, dear one, I can certainly feel your pain…I spent 17 years as lead pastor feeling that pressure – but from myself, not my lovely flock! Thankfully they offered grace and I’ve been converted away from that line of thinking…


  2. Mark Trammell says:

    Thank you, Scott! You’re ‘spot on’ in the evaluations of current western Christianity. Tozer in his Pursuit of God proclaims the same infectious malady back in the late 1940’s. Sad to think of how far off the mark we’ve been. The time is here, now, for us to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ and His Words. Be encouraged; He is faithful.


    • pasturescott says:

      Mark, my good brother! Only a few days ago – on the anniversary of “that night” – I got up close to the main bluff where you and I sat. Thank you for investing in my life, for having such a huge impact on the man I’m becoming. I love you and miss you and Carolena greatly. Loved hearing from you!!!


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