Sorry Not Sorry


Can you dig it?

“If God is for us, who can be against us?”

– Paul, to the Suffering Saints of every Era

Do not, I repeat, DO. NOT. Skip past these words because of overuse and over familiarity!

God – the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, the Ancient of Days, the Creator, the God of Angel-armies – is for you! He’s on your side! When everything of life is arrayed against you, He chooses to stick with you. When everyone seems to be repelled by you, He plants His feet more firmly in the earth beside you.

When you’re ashamed of what you’ve just done,

you feel embarrassed and small and everyone seems to be keeping their distance or abandoning you altogether,

look in the chair beside you.

He’s there.

By choice.

With desire.

He never left.

He never will.

You’re not alone. Though the worst bullies are strutting and posturing around you, aiming their taunts at you, the Elohim – the Almighty God – is defending you.

Who can condemn God’s elect?
Who can harm us or injure us or separate us from His Presence and Love?
What force on or under the earth can remove our justification?

Saint, HE. IS. FOR. YOU.

It is God who justifies, seals it and guards it. The worst the enemy had was thrown at Jesus and he couldn’t cause even a tremor in heaven. While Jesus endured hell’s worst, the Throne Room was calm. The four living creatures still sang and chanted and praised!

If God delivered His own Son without any effort and clothed Him in glory while His earthly garments were gambled on and He suffered in nakedness, peril, sword…will He not treat us with the same overprotective Fatherly love?

What can the world throw against us?

The same?

Sorry. Been there, done that.


Oh, indeed, Martin.

He is FOR me and you because He is forever FOR His Son and will never break His promise to Him! In the New Covenant, Jesus included us in His benediction when He shared His own Glory with us (John 17:22)!!!

And the Father put His AMEN to the Prayer when He raised His Son!!

So, shouldn’t this stunning, startling Truth raise joy, peace, hope and contentment in us??? Shouldn’t we conduct ourselves more as conquerors and less like victims and pouting petulant children?

Less (pardon the website pun) sheepish?

Less apologetic even?

Enemy! You’re on notice that there’s nothing – NOTHING! – you can bring against me that removes the seal that is on me that I belong to the One who overcame and conquered you forever, humiliated you, and holds the sentence of eternal torment over you. I remain His, and, as such, am RIGHT NOW an overcomer and my status won’t change because when the King over All says He loves me, He means it, proves it and guarantees it forever!

Hey, child of God, what does THAT do for you?


12 thoughts on “Sorry Not Sorry

  1. KaKa says:

    Oh, that’ll preach !!!!


  2. Margaret says:

    So you been reading my texting to my sister? Wow!! Plus see I know you know what you’re talking about becuz of what you’ve been through this past year. Bless you Pastor Scott!!


  3. Jimmy says:



  4. Alan Powell says:

    What a great reminder of who our Lord is and that He loves us and will NEVER forsake us!


    • pasturescott says:

      Can not even know how to begin and never end praising Him for this truth. Is it any wonder that in light of these mercies (and myriads more) that our only *logical* response is to return our whole selves to Him (Rom 12:1)!


  5. I hear you. Even what you are not saying echos, echos in my head. And I know and I am with you. The darkness does its work. Waiting for the power of true ONENESS to become reality.


    • pasturescott says:

      The glories and majesties of the New Covenant radiate and are eloquent to the thirsty and listening hearts. His Glory is astounding!


      • Like Manna from heaven. Yet only one piece at a time (for me) until that day of consummation when the glory is completely ours/His. Oh, what a day that will be! Have you arrived at that glorious place where there is no more you? 🙂


        • pasturescott says:

          Lol, if only, my dear Marie. If only. Alas, I still see far too much of me in the mirror. But – and this is gospel bumfuddlement – I know I am becoming…with time, refining and grace. Amen.


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